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Hi, I’m new to the forums and meizu phones in general, I’m thinking of getting the pro 5 but had a couple of questions before I ordered the phone.

  1. I’m currently in the UK on the 3 network will the phone work on 4G? I tried looking up the bands but couldn’t make out which it is on.
    Edit: Also how is the support for 4G bands in the USA?

  2. Is there any major difference between the chinese and international version of the phone? which is preferred?


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Meizu Pro 5

@kakkaroto In the UK there are three 4G LTE bands: 800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz.
Meizu Pro 5 supports 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz and 2600 MHz. So it should be ok for you.

I’m using Meizu Pro 5 in Estonia, we have same bands (800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2600 MHz). 4G LTE works perfectly fine for me.

China version has some locked bands but that doesn’t affect us (I have china version).

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This should be the bands of the M576 the public China Model. (The international M576H, should have the same bands.)

2G: GSM 900/1800MHz
3G: WCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz
4G: FDD-LTE 1710-1785 mhz ( Band 3 ,1800mhz)
4G: TDD-LTE 2300-2400/2555-2655MHz

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