fastboot security deny - Err:0x2017

there something I can do to bypass it and run some commands?

Hello, I am getting the same error message (fastboot security deny - Err:0x2017) when I try to flash recovery img. or any thing else and Im trying to do this because my phone is in a constant boot loop and I cant enter into to the phone recovery mode when it was working before. I think I messed up in the boot loader when I formatted the disk with out thinking it through properly when I was trying to install cynogen mod. Is there any way fix this issue with fastboot to flash the recovery img?.

Meizu MX4

O.o formatted with bootloader locked? wtf

I didn’t realize, it was locked I didn’t look into it properly, and I thought it was easy to deal with when I installed the custom recovery.


@SHOGUNXSHINOBI learning by doing is the best way to learn. But not always the most convenient :(. I wish people would finally stop this, and read up before jumping in on custom Roms and flashing things.

Sorry to hear this. You probably have to replace some major things in your phone, to get it running again. Like the mainboard.

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Yes your right, thanks for the advice.


@SHOGUNXSHINOBI Where are you from?

A member of this forum, claimed that you can get the Italian Support to change it for you.
You may open a ticket here:
Should cost you between 50€ to 100€ ( I don’t know how much exactly)

Or you can get a replacement part from China, through or

Yes I think I saw a similar post with the link before, but its a Italian repair center and Im from the uk.
Can I still do it?.

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@SHOGUNXSHINOBI you will have to pay for it, so maybe :) give it a shot.
Do you have a Chinese phone or the International one btw?

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It was the Chinese one originally then I changed it to the A version.


@SHOGUNXSHINOBI hmmm “A” is the public Chinese.

But if you have a Chinese phone, bought from a re-seller, you have no official support.
If your phone is completely flat, you could record it on a video and try to negotiate with your re-seller. Try to convince him that you had a full battery, but out of the sudden your phone went black… you are not so experienced but asked around and heard that your mainboard might be the problem… and so on… If you get super lucky they might ship it to you… It’s worth a try, but don 't get your hopes up too high :)

I sent a message to the re-seller who is from Italy on eBay and to Meizu customer services, and I’m just waiting for a reply, hoping for the best.


@SHOGUNXSHINOBI I wish you the best, hope you t fixed fast and cheap :) Uh please share the outcome! Keep us updated. Pretty Please.

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