Flyme 5 release date?

There is a date for flyme 5 on m2 mini?


@tafazzi87 there is already a topic out for this.

All there is know, is that it’s after Februar 2016. :P

ah sorry, ok thanks for information ;)

Is it based on 5.1 or on Marshmallow? Would love to have 6.0.


@danihungary ah I wish it was with Android 6

@Ultrametric hah me too. :) I am not familiar with the support of Meizu phones, it’s my first one, but then most likely m2 will never have an official 6.0, right? I had some chinese phones before, support and updates were not their strong suits.


@danihungary The support for their phones is good and long.

The Meizu M2 will get Android 6, no worries about this.

But the problem is that Meizu was behind with updates when they only had 2 phones… and now they have more than 10 phones (released a lot this year)… So the update cycle for all of em will fall far far behind.

That’s the good thing about Meizu, compared to the cheap shit brands like Elephone, Umi and so on.
Meizu gives you updates for the next year and probably two years to come, including Android 6.
But! Their software department isn’t big enough to do it fast on so many phones :(

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I see, thank You for the thorough answer! :) looking forward to the updates then! :)

Meizu m2 note

@Ultrametric Meizu M2 Note will recieve Android 6?


@.KG4 Hopefully.

There is no news about this, so far.
Nobody knows this right now.

Meizu m2 note

@Ultrametric One more question… Where is the chat that everyone can talk like yesterday i talk to you …


@.KG4 the admin @AOKP should be fixing it :) right now, should be back anytime soon.

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