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Meizu Pro 5


I use 2 SIMs in Pro 5.
Installed Google Messanger for SMS (stock app doesn’t work for some reason, crashes everytime I try to open any contact’s conversation).
When I try to send SMS - it says that “No preferred SIM selected for SMS messages”.

Where/how do I select default SIM for SMS?
Any ideas why stock app for SMS doesn’t work?

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@5py0n I had the same trouble with my M2 Note with Messenger. I simply does not give you the option to select the correct card. Typically you can long press your message to select SIM but no-go on Flyme. I installed Textra and all was good. Not what you want to hear but Textra is pretty decent.

Meizu Pro 5

@caseymarie I don’t mind using different app. Textra looks good, but how do I select default SIM for SMS there?

My mistake and apologies as I responded incorrectly. I do not know for sure if Textra will allow the use of two SIMs and let you select between them. I installed Textra on my wife’s Note for two reasons. 1) Messenger, our preferred text app would not identify SIM 2 as the primary messaging SIM. I have an SD card in SIM 1 and I screwed with that for hours and gave up. 2) The default messaging app would not easily save photos received in MMS messages. It sent me to the file manager to select the drive and folder- too much work. Textra solved that by automatically storing the pictures in the correct file where my gallery app, QuickPic can find them right away. Quick Pic and Textra work incredibley well together.

But again, even though I am not sure, long pressing the send button of a text typically opens up a SIM selection menu. Good luck

Meizu Pro 5

@caseymarie It does let you select SIM, but for this message, not to set it as default. And even when I select it - I still can’t send message, because default SIM is not selected. But thanks anyway.

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