Hello, recently I bought MX5 32gb American Amazon in the ad it said the band worked 7 LTE (used in Brazil), but it does work.
It is a configuration problem or just does not work?
It came standard with firmware Final A and sorry for my bad english


@Gabriel-Richard there are different models what model do you have, it’s written on the back of your box.
And what firmware are you on?

It came with after I upgrade to via the file manager. If I install the international version make a difference?

Gabriel, I’m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, recently acquired the mx5 of China, I had some problems, but now using to 4g.


@Gabriel-Richard It’s about the model of your phone, written on the back of the box!

Not about the firmware. “I” and “A” have the same bands / frequencies for 2G/3G/4G.

It depends on whether your provider supports the frequencies in your area.

My model mx5 is M575 TD-Lte, with flyme os

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