[HOW-TO]Xposed Framework on Pro 5 with Flyme5
Meizu Pro 5

Hi guys!

I translated and tested for you the guide from Flyme chinese forum on how to install Xposed Framework on our Pro 5 with Flyme5.

You need:

  1. XposedInstaller archive (there’s a new xposed update, just download latest sdk22-arm64 from attachement here. Put it in your sdcard in place of the one into the archive)
  2. Latest Xposed Installer apk from here
  3. SuperSU (Play Store or APK Mirror)
  4. Terminal Emulator (Play Store or APK Mirror)


  1. Obtain Root Privilage from Settings > Fingerprints and security;
  2. Unpack XposedInstaller.zip and put the files in your internal storage
  3. Install SuperSU, Terminal Emulator and XposedInstaller apk;
  4. Open SuperSU, it will says you need to update SuperSU binary, press continue and than normal (it will ask for root privilage), wait some minute and reboot when it finish;

(if you have root explorer now you can just look for “install” in your sdcard, press on it, press “Linux script manager” and than run)

  1. Open Terminal Emulator and write this command:
    cd /sdcard
    su -c sh install


If you want to remove Xposed Framework, open Terminal Emulator and write:

cd /sdcard
su -c sh uninstall


Best module for Meizu smartphone costumization is Flyme Tools, you can find it on Meizu App Store. It’s for Flyme4 so not everything works.


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sorry it doesn’t work it talk me about install busybox

Meizu Pro 5

Sorry I forgot to put one file into the archive…download it again! :D

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Thank you good sir for taking the time to do this for us.


Just so that it’s written here:

If you are in a bootloop and don’t have the update.zip on your phone, do the following.

Turn off the Phone. Hold Volume UP + Power, until you see the Meizu logo. Connect the phone to your PC, a “recovery drive” shows up, copy the update.zip on the recovery drive, now update + clear data.

does this method work for

Meizu Pro 5

@walkwitmeinhel i think is different for flyme4…there’s another discussion for that on meizu forum…maybe tomorrow i’ll post it too…

For Flyme 4 you need to check if it’s Android 5.0 or 5.1, if it’s 5.1 (like flyme 5) it’ll work, else, you’ll have to use another version of Xposed

Meizu Pro 5

@walkwitmeinhel ok seems that the guide and the files are the same

Works perfectly on beta on Pro 5. Thanks very much.

Meizu Pro 5


I’m new to meizu phones. I was just wondering if rooting is as simple as enabling the option in security settings ? if so, taht would definitly leads me to buy a pro5 !!


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@Kikounet95 first you need to make a Flyme account, after that it’s just a matter of enabling it in settings.

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do you have a copy of the orginal firmware of meizu pro5?

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