Cant update.

Hi guys!i just got my hands on the phone.firmware 4.5.3A and when i try to update to from the document it opens the update file as a rar not with the can i fix this?


@genius-gabriel f.a.q method 2 and unless you have an international phone. You can’t simply install the “I” firmware.

Read all of the f.a.q.!

but im trying to install A the chinese one not the international one

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@genius-gabriel That’s good news :) try method 2 from the F.A.Q. and flash the latest “A” firmware.

i tried that, but when i coppied the update file to memory it doesnt show the blue flyme icon,and i cant open it to update,onyl as a rar,and also when i try to reboot with volume down and lock button ,the phone gets stuck and it says sth about fastbood mode ,and nothing happends, i have to wait and try to restart or plung the charge idk exactly what makes it come back from beein froze at fastboot mode.

also idk if it matter but when i bought the phone yesterday,the version was 4.5.3A but i had google apps preinstalled and also it was root i think.


You have to press VOLUME UP + Power! To get into the recovery

Volume Down + Power get’s you into fastboot, that’s not what you want.

Yes, I know that, this is your problem. The shop you bought it from messed around with your phone.
You have to upgrade from Recovery + Clear Data.

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lol screw me , i tought it was down volume lol… thx i try now

@Ultrametric btw i had some prob with the phone,sometimes it would get stuck,froze ,other times when i tried to pull the notification tab or the latest used app by sliding from bottom to the top the screen would start going crazy with black and white lights,other times it would just be dark,and it just froze quite a lot for a brand new phone…will the fw update fix these problems?


@genius-gabriel update + clear data should make it better, but I’m not sure if it will fix it. Let’s hope it does.
Where did you buy the phone from?

@Ultrametric btw do u know to connect the phone to pc not as a media device.i want it to be shown on my computer like a usb memory stick,not like that crappy media device?i used to be able to do that on the last 4.4 android phone

the update worked fine now thx.


@genius-gabriel that’s good to hear, you can select it somewhere in the settings, like how the phone is shown when connected per USB.

@Ultrametric how can i get the google play and athe other app? i tried some apk but they wont open after i installed em

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