***[Tutorial]Meizu MX4 Android to Ubuntu Touch***
Meizu MX4

*****WARNING!!! All your actions with the phone is at your own risk. The author are not liable. This is just your choice. ******

You need an MX4 Android version and an PC with Ubuntu, phablet-tools and adb-fastboot installed.

$ adb devices
$ adb shell grep ro.product.name /system/build.prop
$ adb shell grep build.id /system/build.prop
$ adb shell grep ro.product.device /system/build.prop
$ ubuntu-device-flash query --device=arale --list-channels
$ wget http://people.canonical.com/~alextu/…y/recovery.img
$ ubuntu-device-flash query --device=arale --list-channels
$ wget http://people.canonical.com/~alextu/tangxi/recovery/recovery.img
$ adb reboot-bootloader
$ fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
$ fastboot reboot
From recovery:
$ ubuntu-device-flash touch --device=arale --channel=ubuntu-touch/stable/meizu.en --developer-mode --password=1234 --wipe

You can change you build.prop from another way: Root Browser.

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Meizu MX4

Have all ? Phablet-tools on your ubuntu pc?

Meizu MX4

Save all your pictures and video and all what you want. Change this on your build.prop:

  • ro.product.device=arale
  • ro.product.name=arale
  • ro.build.id=KOT49H

When you do it, write here.

Meizu MX4

this method to work?you sure??


@avar27 whenever you flash things you are at risk to brick your phone.

Specially if you aren’t carefully, in a rush or just inexperienced.

There is never a guarantee! And if something breaks, it’s fully your own fault. As you are the one performing it on your phone.

Hello, someone has already pierced by this instruction Ubuntu? Do I need an unlocked bootloader and some versions can be sewn flyme? Thank you.


This instructions are still valid to install Ubuntu phone Meizu Mx4 Android


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