Problem: Google Chrome & Screen Password

I have a: M2 Note
Flyme Ver: OS 4.5.3A

i have some Problem:
1- Screen Password & Lock Apps Not work, when i try active it, Come directly from the settings, and brings me back to the main page.
2- i using google chrom, but : When I open several pages, it does not give me navigate between pages and the other option, which remain only the page where I am!

Is there a solution to this problems?

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For problem 2: check out the chrome settings and change the tab behavior. Like turn off, merge tabs and apps.

To problem 1: most likely you got your phone from a re-seller and he did nasty stuff with it. So apply an update + clear data.

Have a look at the F.A.Q, link is in my sig.

thank you
I did it was to solve these problems.
But another problem emerged after the update to the latest version, which does not work Google Play store, which asks me to lose the network, although the network is working!
any a solution?
thank you


@iAyoub what is the exact error message, please provide it.

In case it’s something like error … retrieving… have a look here:

thank you
I’ve been to solve all the problems and now everything is fine.
I have a Chinese version, I think it is bad, the global version best.
This experience is important to identify the device and the system.
Thank you very much, I benefited you and your explanations.

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