Flyme OS stable (m2)


  • Fix: Some problems caused by machine restarts.
  • Fix: Some compatibility issues Google office suite.
  • FIX: unlock the phone, even now the state of the desktop display to add a floating widget of the problem.
  • Fix: call custom reply interface hang up, press the power button does not lock the screen problem.
  • Fix: Click on the notification bar in the middle position, even now drop down the status bar at the top of the interface card problem.


  • Optimization: Optimize performance WI-FI.
  • Fix: Even now call a silent problem.
  • Fix: Even now unable incoming phone problem.
  • Fix: make Internet phone calls is now even unusual problems.
  • FIX: contact list does not appear even now heading back problems contact number.


  • Optimization: Part page transition effects screen anyway.
  • FIX: Do not display photographs, a browser interface display unusual problems.

Easy Mode

  • Fix: Easy mode receives MMS, after exiting the easy mode, MMS reception failure problems.
  • Fix: Easy mode the system language is set to English dial display problems.
  • FIX: Contacts list is sorted easy mode without problems arranged in numerical size.
  • FIX: When adjusting the ringer volume in simple mode calls, will also play two tones sound problems.

Voice assistant

  • Optimization: Optimization voice assistant adjust the screen brightness effect.
  • FIX: Using Voice “Close GPS”, the status bar to open the GPS icon still shows problems.

Personalization center

  • FIX: Topic list into the theme from the local online page add a comment, suggesting that “comments failure” problem.



In this latest version ( A) I’ve noticed a terrible bug.
If I open the Security app, then tap on Power, and then on the icon with 4 squares to open the list of apps in order to select which apps should be kept in the background when the phone is on standby - it does not allow me to keep my selection.
Instead, this section automatically unselects apps if they can’t be seen when scrolling down the page. You select certain apps, scroll down to select more apps, and if you return up you will see that all the apps are unselected.
Any solution?
I’ve tried deleting the cache and data of the Security app, but it didn’t help.
This bug was not present in the previous version ( A).

@krsmans I have same bug in 4.5.4I

@mapoTN Please report it to the Meizu Customer Support email. The more people warn about this, the faster they will react and rectify it.
This is bug is terrible, it prevents apps from sending notifications, it also shuts down services from apps such as Tasker, and of course it shuts down apps in general.


@krsmans the bug report should be fast too, that’s where bugs will be collected. The customer care center would have to add your bug report by hand, who knows if they actually do this :P

@Ultrametric Well, they responded to my email quite quickly, asking me to provide a screenshot of the ‘Settings -> About phone’ section.
I explained the situation in detail, told them that I already did a factory reset (but the bug remained), so - yes, I believe they are doing something. Of course, the question remains whether anything useful will actually be done. :)

I’m new with you
It carried the new update, but after reading the responses hesitated to afford the device
Now I’m on the update
flyme os
Do you kept it, or I carry the new update
flyme os

Meizu m2 note

@toufik_d Just go for it, if you dont like it, you can go back to the original version :)
I say, Try it …

Thank you for your reply brother
Downloaded update to the device
But update the Arabic language does not exist
Google Play does not work


@toufik_d if you get into detail or search for your error message you might receive help.

"Does not work’ is a very general and useless description for any problem

1 / Google Play does not work
2 / No I have Almfezlh language as Arabic, Russian … etc.
Please help
![0_1448482993101_S51125-212102.jpg](Uploading 100%)

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