Hello i have and i haven’t notified for this new version .Why ??


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I don’t know also me but i’ve downloaded it from my PC and put it on my m2…no problem


@soupis Did you root your phone? What did you do, do it, since you got it?

@Ultrametric I have open prvilages from my flyme acoount.

@soupis well the most important bugs are still in this firmware (auto-focus on macro, move cursor when a word is selected and so on)

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In the latest version ( A) I’ve noticed a terrible bug.
If I open the Security app, then tap on Power, and then on the icon with 4 squares to open the list of apps in order to select which apps should be kept in the background when the phone is on standby - it does not allow me to keep my selection.
Instead, this section automatically unselects apps if they can’t be seen when scrolling down the page. You select certain apps, scroll down to select more apps, and if you return up you will see that all the apps are unselected.
Any solution?
I’ve tried deleting the cache and data of the Security app, but it didn’t help.
This bug was not present in the previous version ( A).

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hello, just would like to ask if installing over keeps all data or requires full setup, apps, accounts, etc?
thank you


@Perich when you downgrade you should clear the data.

But it’s a “should” and not a “must”, make a backup and try it, if you run into trouble you have to clear the data :P and update or downgrade again.

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