Meizu M2 - A few questions before purchase - Your expertise is needed!

Hello dear Meizu community,

I really consider to purchase a Meizu M2, cause currently it costs 100-120 € (with coupons etc) from an EU warehouse and I read some great reviews about performance and camera in this price range. But I have a few concerns, maybe you can help me.

But first let me tell you for what I need the phone apart from phoning:

  • Multistasking, f. e. music or a video playing in the background, internt+whatsapp at the same time (that would be the hardcore-mode which I will probably never experienced cause music/video playing would be off, for that I have my laptop)

  • Video playing for at least 5-6 hours because of travels. Or reading e-books for that time.

  • light/normal use: whatsapp, twitter, facebook, tumblr, 888poker and maybe some fitness apps.
    I just have @home wi-fi at that will not change in the near future, so most of the time I will use my laptop for that kind of stuff. But when I watch a series I would like to livetweet with my phone. This can happen 2 times a week.

  • Checking important random stuff for a few minutes (amount of my bankaccount, travel arangements) in the internet in case I am to lazy to get to my laptop/or when I am not in the same room like my laptop.

  • fitness apps (running with phone and listening to music), but it’s 5 inch big so probably not a good idea. Any experience in that? Not a needed need, can use my mp3 player instead.

  • making avarage/good pictures with friends and family to remember the moment.

  • no gaming, when I want to play a good game, I will use my laptop!

To sum up: On normal days I will use the phone for maybe 1 hour top. On series/fitness days 2 hours and on traveldays 6+ hours (but this will not happen very often, maybe once all 2 months)

Important to me is:

Battery, battery, battery, camera… oh and update support.

I read a lot of reviews but when it came to the battery part they just got lazy.
So dear Meizu M2 user, did you do a video playing test with 100% battery. How long will it last? Any experience?
Do you have to recharge it everyday, cause I dont want that. All 2 days would be acceptable in normal use. 3-4 days would be perfect.
It comes with a non-removable battery from Sony. Is it really a Sony one? And is the quality still so good like in the beginng? Do you know a site where you can purchase a new battery. I know it’s non removable but apparently you can change non.removable too with some skills.

I would like to use it for at least 2 years, so updates would be nice to avoid something like “stage fright”. Will the product still be supported?

I know there are a lot of phones out there which are in the same price area (or even lower) and have a great batterylifespan, but from companies which will probably dont support the device in the future, so I would like to buy a phone from major players like Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo, Lenovo. And I learnt when a phone is cheap and has a good battery, it has a really crappy camera. And a camera was the reason for me to buy a smartphone in the first place, well and whatsapp. All my friends using it. :(

My other option would be a Xiaomi Redme Note 2, but I would have to pay at least 50 € or more when it comes from a EU warehouse. Apparently there a different versions, like Prime and so. Dont know the difference yet. But I think Prime is harder to get on in a EU warehouse and also expenisiver. And it has 5.5 inch, further I read that the battery life isnt that great either even with MIUI7. But at least it has a removable one. But when I have to spend +50 €, I would like to prefer a phone with an amazing batterylifespan (+removable) and updates support! Camera should be avarage/good. And recharging all 3 or 4 days or more. Maybe you know something like that! :)

I actually wanted to spend around 100 € for a phone. I am a really poor person! :D Would be my first smartphone in general. So I am really fixed on a good battery. I am used to charge my current phone all 10+ days. :D

EDIT: Is there any protection glas for the Meizu M2 avaiable? I tend to drop my electronical things! :D

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Well, you expect quite a lot from a 120€ phone. Although you do not game, my first thought is that you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Iphone 6S, but you don’t have the money for it.

First of all: if Meizu says that they are using Sony equipment, this is true. It doesn’t make sense lying about your specs, since people will know it within days. It will only backfire at the manufacturer, so most manufacturers don’t lie, maybe some unknown chinese manufacturers you don’t want to have at all.

To continue: For the price a M2 is a fairly good phone, but it is a midrange. My father got one since two weeks, so I cannot answer all your questions. I advise you to read some reviews. Battery life, expect two days, but if you used it quite a lot on the first day, it will not make the second day. Don’t expect 3-4, that is really hard for a smartphone. It also depends on your network connection, if you have low signal, the phone will try to make a connection which costs more energy. Living on WiFi can save a lot. Well video playback should do it, when I look at a benchmark of a M1 Note.

Camera is ok, don’t know how it performs in lowlight environments.

Multitasking will work, but I experienced that it is not as fast a my Mi4C or MX3, but these are double the price. Good to know that most Android Apps do not allow video playback in background, they will just pause. Music playback in background is not a problem at most phones.

Meizu serves updates, but slow and not always bugfree. (Xiaomi is not bugfree too, I experienced myself ;) ) Stagefright is not completely solved atm, it does not pass all tests.

BTW: I don’t expect to be the XiaoMi Redmi Note 2 a much better phone than the Meizu M2 Note, but I am not completely sure.

There is a 0.33mm protection glass available by Nillkin, but I would advise you to be more cautious. Displays can crack rather easily and compared to a dumbphones be cautious. It just have to fall in the wrong angle and it is done. Buy a proper bumper could help you, you need some stuff between smartphone and ground that can adsorb the shock.

In a review about the Meizu M2 the reviewer wasnt sure about it, so I just wanted to ask about the Sony battery. :D
In the past week I have been reading a lot of reviews for smartphones; using false equipment as promoted wasnt so uncommen. So I just want to be sure but I never thought Meizu would do something like that, I mean from the chinese phone companies it is a good one.

For this price and performence is two days ok. Well, a battery has to charge a few times before it gets it’s full power, right?
I have found a benchmark 3 report for the Meizu M2 regarding battery life from 100%-0%. But I dont know what "duty… something means. I will search for the link. Maybe you guys can help about the meaning of it.

Does the M1 has about the same equipment as a Meizu M2? Or why do you mean that videoplay back should do it?

Yeah, camera is great in this price class.
I read a lot of reviews about this phone I now it has a great performance, good camera in comparison to other phones in this price area.

But as I said when the comes to the battery there arent any information about it how long will it last. Well this depens of the user of course but a example how long you can watch a video from 100% to 0% hasnt been tested. Something like that. So I just wanted to ask you guys. How long last your phone and are you a light, normal or heavy user?

Ok, let’s hope Meizu will provide updates for the next two years. :D

Yeah, that the reason I am looking for screen protection and a case protection, but unfortunetly I just found this for the Meizu M2 Note. :(
So I thought asking people who have actually this phone would be a good idea. So when you have screen/case protection please post me a link! :)
I will check out what you mean with proper bumper; doesnt say anything to me right know. :D

On honorbuy there is already the Xiaomi Redme Note 3 (without a price) in their product list, maybe the price for the Xiaomi Redme Note 2 will drop further down. Or they have some special offers. Well, I have to wait for a review anyway before I even consider buying it.

So far I would buy the Meizu M2 but please people, can you tell me a little about your experience with the battery life of this phone? :)

EDIT: Found the link:
So what does duty cycle mean? I have a supposition but not sure.
And I noticed that in other tests the duty cycle has different numbers. What can you tell me about this test procedure?

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@ano20xx one day and a bit more is about the maximum you might get from every smartphone.

If you are interested in extreme battery life, it’s super easy to root a Meizu phone, all it requires is to activate it in the settings.
And then you could do the following, to squeeze out all there is from the phone:

And you will get about 5 hours maybe a bit more of OST, with 20 hours or more, as a heavy user from the phone. Normal usage will give you more.
But it depends on your power settings and on your screen brightness, so simply said, doesn’t matter what you ask for, nobody can tell you this in detail :P as it will depend upon your behavior.

The Meizu M2, stands out when comparing it to cheap shit brands like Elephone, Umi, Ulefone, … a long list.
But it still is a 100€ phone! So simply not perfect.

Don’t make a rocket science out of this. Like if you want an in detail information on the geekbench battery test procedure, the best place to start is the geekbench support, as they know best.

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Thanks for the link! Very interesting will test this after a week ifI have received this phone. To make a comparison if it’s really working.

You say root. I thought I have to root the international firmware for it (for german language) or is that a complete other thing? Ah, so confused right now. :D

“And you will get about 5 hours maybe a bit more of OST, with 20 hours or more, as a heavy user from the phone. Normal usage will give you more.”
-> So to sum up: 5 hours screen on time and it will propaply last one day?

I know it’s not perfect.But it’s very close for that price. I know I shouldnt be such a nag about it. It’s just my subconscious that made me write all these questions about battery! :D

Maybe the word procedure wasnt wisly choosen. I just wanted to now if it’s an app like Antuntu or whats it called. The screen is on and some videos/graphics… whatever is playing the whole time until the battery dies. Or you start the app and make your usually things with your phone including off screen time and when it died you will get a report. I thought, maybe someone knows this because he/she tested it. So they can explain to me what duty cycle means.
But you’re right, I will ask them about it.

EDIT: Ah, just looked into your FAQ. Upgrading is firmware. Ok I will inform me about root and also rom. Read this two words a lot but have no idea what it actually means. :D

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Geekbenchmark is a benchmark, a bit different like Antutu. I don’t know what it exactly tests, but I think it checks how long does your phone survive, while it’s not in idle mode. Though it depends on the screen brightness you set for the test and if there is a simcard and so on …

Yes, 5 hours screen on time (or up to 6) and one charge a day is realistic. You could squeeze more out of the battery if you follow the XDA Guide.

And the German language is on all Flyme 4.x firmwares. Right now I am on Flyme 5, and only got English + 3 Chinese.

But you won’t get that update before mid of next year, so shouldn’t bother you.
And you could always force an International firmware on a Chinese phone, there is a guide for this in the forum. If you want a language that’s not supported in the Chinese firmare, but in the International firmware.

So you don’t have to root Flyme 4.x to get the German language.

I asked some people in India, the m2 is widely spread there, and they confirmed… like charge once a day and 5 to 8 hours on screen time, though they all have different settings and different habits to use the phone. (The eight hours seem a lot to me, but who knows what the guy did :) )

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So this geekbenchmark test isnt informative it all, except you now all the settings. And what that user actual did with his phone.

Yeah, I will do this XDA guide after one week without it… Thanks again.

Ok, didnt know this, so the firmware doesnt matter, well than I should go with a stable one. Any recommendations?
I know I found already the link for the guide.

Yeah, I have to accept that I will never get the answer I am looking for regarding batter life. I just have to test it with my habits. :D The nagging ends! :D

EDIT: Still I am allowed to ask about links for screen and case protection? I want my probably new phone known to be safe!
EDIT2: Nevermind, found a few but always from China. Should I buy it from there anyway?

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Regarding protection. I have no experience in any of it, what is the best material. Alu or silicone?
The sellers offers different cases. Bumper, Hard, Shield. Can you please take a look.
Also he offers a screen protector, is it a solid one?
After the = comes a _ in the original link. I dont know how to fix that.

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@ano20xx just get a cheap bumper. At amazon that just resell stuff from eBay or Aliexpress more expensive.
Have a look at or Aliexpress. Com

On my mx5 I just use a “Fitbag” phone bag thing.

You should get a tempered glass protection for your phone, that might be useful.

@Ultrametric Thanks for the tip.
I am finished now with my buying list. Just have to press the buy button.

Now I am looking for a protection screen or something like that for the camera.

Haha, maybe I should look for the phone. :D Havent bought it yet. It’s not in a EU warehouse. :( EDIT: Or the price is too high.

EDIT2: I almost forgot about the charger. The china chargers have poor quality. What charger can you recommend me? But no fast charger, I read that it isnt good for the battery.

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@ano20xx where did you read that fast charging isn’t good for the battery?

It should be fine as long the temperature of the phone stays cool.

@Ultrametric In an article about Lithium-Ionen batteries a few days ago. If I find it again I will post the link.

Ok. Or should I buy from Nillkin? They cases arent protect the buttons of the phone like the bumper I posted but they arent made of alu.

Another topic. I really really want to buy a leather case with a Doctor Who Tardis Cover, like this one:

Someone knows an asian online shop wich delievers to Germany where you can personalize a leather case for your phone?
So far the one I found arent support the Meizu M2 mini cases.

Another thing. Did someone ever removed the in-case, where you put your device in it, from a leather case.

I am playing with the thought to buy the Doctor Who case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (very imilar size), replace the in-case with a Meizu M2 mini case. From pictures I can tell that the camera is in the same postion.

@ ALL - Do you know a good quality charger for Meizu M2 mini? I dont want to use the one from China. Often they have bad quality.

Meizu chargers are quite ok, but you will probably get the wrong one. If you want to prevent buying a wrong one, just buy a Samsung Charger in the Store near you.

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