MX5 keep restarting: My mobile is stuck at Logo Meizu and keep restarting

Hello everyone,

Few days ago, I received update and I got 5.0 or something, I don’t remember exact version.
Anyway, everything was working perfect until yesterday. When I restart my mobile and I saw it was
optimizing something. Then it restarted it self then, it stuck at Meizu logo and keep restarting. It pops up meizu logo while displaying fastboot mood on left lower corner and then dark. I cannot even shut it down.
Please help me to figure out what is happening to my mobile. So far, I tried: (1) Volume-up + power key to go inside recovery mode. It goes there but after 7 sec it restart, so basically didn’t work. (2) I try attach with pc, but because its keep restarting computer cannot connect with mobile. (3) put mobile on charging for whole night hoping that after stable battery it will come to life but it stay the same (4) I try to power off but it keep restarting, it seems I like I have no control on it.

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Well, check your power button first, try to push it move it around.

@Kokkie hello, thanks for reply.
I took my time to get back to you reason was, I was reading about it and similar suggestions and solutions were offered.
So I push and move it around, then I use air gun to clean it (hoping something must be stuck) but similar result.
Its must be power button which is creating this issue. I am thinking to open it and clean from inside. As to claim warranty I need to send back to china (I bought it from there and now I am in italy). I dont know, what should I do.
what is your suggestion?


@r3hman You have no warranty for your phone, so that’s no concern of yours.

If you sent it back to China, it could happen that you never get it back, that’s worst case. Best case you have to be without a phone for 2 months and pay for the shipping.

You can contact cordongroup via mail, they are working with Meizu :)

Hello everyone,

So here is all, I did to solve my problem.
Problem: My mobile is stuck at Logo Meizu and keep restarting.
Possible cause of problem before solving it: Its operating system was disturbed during optimization process that is why its get stuck in restarting loop.
Real problem: it get wet during rain not so much so I didnt care and didnt even remember.
When I pressed power to restart it, it shot circuited. So mobile got stuck in restart-loop.

After reading about restart loop problem. I decided to test my mobile for possible water problem. According to Meizu its water proof, but I think thats an over statement but also
true. Anyway here what I did,

Solution: Took a bag of rice and put my mobile in it for 4 days. After that put it on charging.
20 minutes after it is back to life and working perfectly.

@Admin please mark this as solved problem.

@all thanks for feedback and help. I am happy to be part of this forum.


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@r3hman I just checked this thread recently and the same reason popped into my mind after reading your first post.
I have a mx4 pro and while washing dishes it got soaken wet (water under LCD) and kept restarting until it dried. Seems that mx5 has same result when it gets wet.

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