Phone don't start

I put the on the phone.
And then power off.

Then volume up+power and nothing, it pops up meizu logo and then dark.
I cant do anything.

edit: now left under is “fastboot mode”

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I have same problem, I received update few days ago and it was working fine.
Yesterday restart my mobile and then it start optimization process and then reset it self. Now it pops up meizu logo while displaying fastboot mood on left lower corner and then dark. I cannot even shut it down.

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fastboot mode…
i hold the power button for 10sec and then comes the meizu logo and cant start. meizu logo, dark, meizu logo, dark…
then i hold the volume+power button and now the phone is in the “fastboot mode” again.
Nothing happened.
(sorry for my english)

Well which firmware upgrade did you do?

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Are you sure that you presed Volume Up and Power? That gets you to the recovery!

Where Volume down and Power is for the fastboot mode.

If you messed with your phone and removed the stock recovery, then you are done.
Get a new mainboard.

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