Meizu M2 mini Flyme OS international ver. on China phone


I’ve bought Meizu M2 mini from Geekbuying and in the specifications they have listed the phone as with “international firmware” and that it includes many languages. When it arrived, it had 4.5.3A firmware in which was included Croatian language and preinstalled Google play service, but without MeizuApp center, and with some bloatware… Unfortunately, the google play didn’t work - I could login normally but when trying to download any application - it just got stuck in “downloading” mode forever and it never downloaded anything. I’ve read on other forums that other users had the same problem, so I tried to install original last firmware and then the google play store works normally, but on that version there’s no Croatian language.
If I try to install Indian or international (?) version of firmware it just gives error “corrupted firmware”.

If it’s mainland China phone with A-China bootloader how come that it arrived with Croatian language installed and now I can’t return to it’s original international version?

Thanks for any advice/help…

I have found that thread about installing international ver. on Chinese phone, but that tutorial but I was scared to try it out since it was meant for Meizu M2 note and couple of users had trouble with flipping screens and touch afterwards.
Yesterday I installed international version using that tutorial and everything workout just fine :) and I’m very happy :) so thanks everybody…

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