Can't switch to Google Now Launcher

I want to install Google Now Launcher but it does not show up in Default Launcher menu . I have that problem only with the Google Now Launcher , others work just fine .

Is there any way to get this to work ?

Yes. Go to security app,permissions , app management and go to google app. give it auto launch rights and then reboot your device. you should be able to change the launcher after this.

Thank you for your fast response but no luck :/
I did everything that you told me but again only Flyme and Nova came up .

Edit : Ok I got it . Thank you :)

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I had the same issue with this. It was tricky, I don’t know exactly what I did, but I think I did nova launcher, cleared defaults, made sure everything was good in the security app, then restart the phone, then click the home button and it was there, I just kept playing around with it and it eventually get it.

I used this as a guide.

@Kyle-Hall Yes this is what I did too . I used first Nova , restarted and Google Now Launcher appeared . :)

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