Help !!! Cannot make/recieve calls

I have a problem with the meizu mx4 , I installed the update 4.5.7A ,and every time I try to make a call this message shows up (look at the picture ) , I tried every thing ( restarting the phone, clearing data …) but nothing worked
Please if any body knows the solution please help

I believe you are in guest mode? try getting out of it.

@SeaMoose I’m not on guest mode , on guest mode tho I can make phone calls but I cant recieve them


@hafidsama what are your security settings?

hmm.weird. try a different dialer app?
more questions : is the device new? did it work before? what apps did you install? did you mess around with any settings?

I tried many dialer apps but without success , the only solution that is working is downgrading to Flyme 4.5.6I

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