Flyme OS stable (MX5)


  • Added: Notification bar shows the background are using GPS application permissions, can be directly related applications close.
  • Optimization: adjust the calendar, text messages, notes and other location-based applications on the New button, unity centered.
  • Optimization: enlarged screenshot notification bar Delete button hit area.
  • Optimization: Optimization of Wi-Fi Internet issues.
  • Fix: fast charge slowdowns problem.
  • Fix: Even now automatically restart problem.
  • FIX: After sporadic power failure problem fingerprint recognition.

Lock screen

  • Fix: Even now lock screen notification that the problem at the bottom of the screen.
  • Lock screen charging icon does not go away even after you unplug a charger now: Repair.
  • FIX: even now unable to load a lock screen wallpaper problem.


  • Added “map” APP.
  • Photo navigation: Support 360 degree panoramic display navigation, add custom navigation Categories.
  • Sidebar: support slide in the map from the left edge of the screen sidebar to experience more personalized features.
  • Route Planning: support car, walking, bus route planning and navigation.
  • Subway map: subway lines provide detailed information, including first and last time at each site.

Set up

  • Suspension Ball: The sliding gesture Add "button to open the menu 'options.
  • Portable hotspot: portable hotspot When setting a password, the new “Display plaintext password” option.
  • Cleanup Data: Restore factory settings optimized logic, restore the system, the boot will be the default display original binding Flyme account when Shuangqing password will be lifted after the check account binding Flyme.


  • Call records: Modify the call log details page time format, display specific talk time.
  • Optimization: Built-in high-definition picture Yellow Pages increase contacts.
  • Optimization: Yellow Pages search function to increase entrance HTML 5, including (a taxi, express delivery, housekeeping, etc.).


  • Members receive: Music opened Thanksgiving activities, membership users can receive free two-month membership services, after the purchase of a non-member non-members can get a free two-month membership.


  • GIF: GIF new production interrupted at any time to pause and completion.
  • Scan code: Cancel camera scan code mode, the new “sweep the” independent APP.

Sweep the

  • Add “sweep the” APP.
  • Scan code: supports two-dimensional code or barcode scanning identification.
  • Cover: supports scanning to identify music album covers, book covers and posters.
  • Local Photos: Support add the local image scanning recognition.
  • Scan code Login: Support Flyme pages side scan code Login.

Topic landscaping

  • FIX: After customizing the wallpaper used for a period of time will stretch wallpaper problems.


  • Currency Update: ‘conversion’ Update Rates increase shake function.


  • Alarm: Alarm clock cycle update mechanism, legal working alarm clock to increase support for the holiday weekend, days off.


  • Scene Category: Photos - menu - click “classification by content,” according to the picture content intelligent classification.


  • You may also like: Home new “guess you like” module.
  • Intelligent recommendation: Video details page optimization “relevant recommendation” algorithm.

Mobile butler

  • Fix: Problems after rubbish micro letter download package does not display the expression.
  • FIX: harassment interception, the interception record of bad press in response to regional problems.

Cloud Storage

  • Capacity View: New cloud disk to use capacity for the function.
  • Search: cloud disk support search.
  • Online Preview: no download, support more document formats and Open Source Online Preview.

Documents Management

  • Optimization: Filters micro letter received small display video and audio files.
  • FIX: When third-party applications to select the file, it will show the problem of lock directory.
  • Repair: Some mobile hard disk can not identify a problem.


  • Paintings: Levels New features real paintings, put up phone real level measurement.

System Upgrade

  • Update Settings: Silent download logic optimization.

User Center

  • Order management: new “My Orders” page, easy to manage account Order.

Third-party compatible

  • Optimization: micro-channel voice interface can not cancel the voice problems.
  • Optimization: update Sogou input method version.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

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i try this and is not work in the previous framwork is work well

@dvidmolla said:

i try this and is not work in the previous framwork is work well

Funny, I was unsuccessful in downloading and installing the Google Installer from the Chinese app center and had to do it manually (look at my other posts for a link) when I upgraded to version and, but for version it worked from the app center :)

@crazybill i can download this frome app center but when i’m opening google installer is stuck on 5 precent

@dvidmolla said:

@crazybill i can download this frome app center but when i’m opening google installer is stuck on 5 precent

Had similar problems in other versions of 5.5.xx.xxA and

This link worked for me at the time google installer 1.4.4

Let me know if this solved the problem for you.

Hi ,

Might be a stupid question but my MX5 is under Flyme (China Unicom version).
May I download for Meizufans repo and install this version on my MX5 without any problem ?

Thank you in advance !

Updated to this version. So far I’m loving everything. Much faster (i was on version A) and more beautiful.

There’s only English and Chinese language available.

I’ve been using it for less than a day but so far battery life seems amazing. I did try to install Google Aps via Meizu’s App center but then I couldn’t download anything on google play. So I just installed google apps manually with the apk in the FAQ page.

Found two bugs so far:

  • After a while, everytime I try to open the twitter app it immediately shuts down. I uninstall it and install it and then it works again. But then happens the same problem.
  • When I receive a message, the pop-up has the “read” and “reply” options. If I hit “read” nothing happens.

Read means mark as read :)

@fuxmen said:

Read means mark as read :)

Ahaha no way! Really? Was expecting it to open the messages app and the message itself.

Anyway, the twitter app problem is the only annoying thing right now

Battery on Flyme mx50_1448321547080_S51123-232604.jpg 0_1448321555463_S51123-232609.jpg 0_1448321561761_S51123-232614.jpg

How much hours total, how you konfigure it to make that small procemtage of Android os? I even don’t install Google services and didn’t have that good battery :( and my phone is new… Stupid Eint wakelock… 10h didn’t sleep because of it…

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