Meizu MX4 Damaged !

I am a android developes (Linux System Administrator)
Phone damaged after some changes in partitions of meizu and do not turn on after restart .
really , phone connected to pc and in device manager receive :

  1. connected , after some second
  2. disconnected , after some second
  3. connected … and disconnect … and connect … !!!
  4. (I think boot loader is in loop !)

****Now how can recover this phone ? ****
Thank you .


@mah454 if you unlocked the boot-loader maybe.

If you didn’t and removed the stock recovery : No!

Describe what you did in detail.

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I think this partitions :

  1. boot
  2. lk
  3. recovery

Sorry but you’ll have to change the motherboard, I got the same thing, it can’t be unbricked for now

Okey , Where can i buy new motherboard ?


@furious.builder does this Chinese page ship to Europe?

It’s really hard to buy from Europe directly on Taobao, you’ll need to use a Taobao Agent which will buy the item directly from China to China then will send it to international. I used which is really good according to some forums and google research? They add 5% of fees (normal, they need to live from their work :p)
One good point : using bhiner, Paypal is available
Screen :
My motherboard is beeing delivered to Bhiner Warehouse, then, they will open the package to see if it hasn’t been damaged, then they will send it to me

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Old thread.

Now, with the help of Google webpage translator a foreign buyer is completely capable of making orders on Taobao, and Taobao site supports payment by credit card and offers two shipping methods, Tao Global Direct Shipping and Global Consolidate and Shipping, to overseas buyers.

If you, however, bother to buy from Taobao directly, i recommend trying Superbuy China shopping agent. This is a slow-and-steady company – after winning the overseas Chinese a wide range of support and good reputation, it is entering the English-speakers market now.

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