help for my battery


My battery drains a lot because of this Android OS as you can see. It happens a few days ago and I dont know why. How can i reduce it? Now I need to charge my phone more often… I did not install new programs or something. I have saving mode


@antonisch did you root it? Now or previously?

Please click on the 70% guy and post the details. Active time would be interesting.

@Ultrametric No , I did not… And all happened suddenly! Any idea? 0_1447993680559_S51120-062707.jpg


@antonisch 3 hours CPU total isn’t the world. That’s not too much… 50% is quite a lot for that.

The other screen-shots you posted don’t look so bad.
It’s weird that the CPU takes up so much within so little time.

Did you upgrade, with clearing the Data?

@Ultrametric No I did not… You think this will solve the problem? How can I clean the date? Make a format?

Check for wakelocks , I don’t have much time to explain so just check this general guide which also deals with wakelocks
BTW 3hours of CPU time under android OS is very high,

Also you can try betterbatterystats to see what’s happening before you do anything.

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@antonisch It gives you a clean system, so yeah will fix it pretty sure. But it’s a simple solution, and not the most pleasant for you.

If you don 't want to reinstall everything then try waht @Dysync just wrote :D

@Ultrametric thanks a lot! the android Os becomes 15% now
@Dysync thank you for the link! I will consider this

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