Help me please ... m2 note flyme os 4.5.3A
Meizu m2 note

I bought three days ago meizu m2 note M571 flyme os 4.5.3A android 5.1 , and I’m having a lot of problems, and my information in technique simple :
a. I can not uninstall the applications, there is no uninstall icon for The applications
B. The google play Store does not download applications when i press to download app still (downloading) , and I can not delete it because there is no uninstall icon
C. I have tried to follow some explanations here, and you dropping off file and download it after you press only that it gave me two choices : view by or extract

please help me step by step


@Yassar uninstalling works by drag and drop.

And if you just got it then update to the latest firmware, we have here “A” firmware. Clear the data when you update, that’s important.

Chinese re-seller like to mess with phones before shipping it out.

Read what’s written in the F.a.q., if you run into trouble post here after you used the search function to find a solution, but can not find any.

follow the steps to upgrade to the I version and your problems are solved

Meizu m2 note

@Ultrametric thanks alote for your suport i was update the phone to flyme OS and every thing well and normal

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