meizu m2 note slow contact list application, doesn't show caller name

my m2 note 2 is the same with A firmware worked on 4.5.4A . After i updated and clear all data to version, it’s quite good about contact list speed is faster. but when i install google mail or outlook application the contact list becoming slower. as soon as someone calls me i can’t see the name of it, after a few rings it shows the name. i couldnt understand but somehow meizu have just that bad contact application.

Hi, I experience similar behavior on my MX5 (OS


@sadocan @pete I had it too, but it just disappeared. No idea how or why. (Mx5)

Remark: but I change between the firmware versions frequently.

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@Ultrametric it was ok for few weeks (phone was new) then it started. Saw in some posts to log off from Flyme account did that, also closed all open apps - helped for few days, now again the same… :(

@sadocan I had same problems with contact application on my m2 note. When I view contact detail, it takes too long time to show, can’t see contact names when there is incoming call, “Phone is not responding” appears when making outgoing calls. When I check contact, contact storage and phone apps, I found that contact storage is around 100MB and I think because of this contact app working too slow. I cleared all data but after 1day, it goes up to 100MB again and problem occur same as before. But finally, I found a solution. I made factory reset twice ( one time by entering recovery mode and the other time from phone setting ). I am not sure one time doing is enough or not but till now, phone and contact app works very smoothly. And in contact storage app, the data usage is not more than 10MB. Hope this way will work on your phone too.

@Alexkyaw To test I cleared data in Contact Storage app (it was around 100MB) and it worked! After 2 days already 60MB and phone becomes slow. For how long you have no problems after double factory reset? It would be a pain to do reset every few weeks…

@pete Its been more than one month since I do factory reset and the contact app still doing very well. :)

@Alexkyaw 3 days after double factory reset and already 67MB… :(

Try use sd maid and active settings like corpse finder, but need root.

@pete @Alexkyaw
Hi, Unfortunately problem is still going on. Dialer was closing by itself on 4.5.3. A firmware. Than i did downgrade to 4.5.2A, than update to latest firmware. Dialer is not closing byself now, but after 2 reset (hard reset, and phone reset) as adviced its getting bigger over 100 mb because i am using 2 sim card. my doubts about using double sim card is effecting my phone. how about you ? double or single sim card do you use ?

@sadocan I am using with 2 sim cards. But on HTC one m7 dual sim I had the same configuration ( same 2 sim cards, same accounts, same amount of contacts) the size was around 20mb.

@pete i agree with u, absolutely weird about the size of contact list. I dont attend extra information such as photo or adress to contacts. Just phone numbers and the size is about 100 mb. Backup the contacts to vcf file and clear data of contacts than restore from vcf file. Every week :)

I am having meizu m2 note with latest version updated. just frustrated with contacts app.slow loading and all the other things you have mentioned above. another thing is whenever i add new contact with initial letters as Dr , it adds two times Dr Dr and contact is placed anywhere in list. absolutely tried everyhing incuding factory reset.but this doubling of only dr letters irritates me.kindly tell solution

Hello , i have the same problem like you. i’m just frustrased with this problem. I’m trying to fix this problem with any solution but it’s still same. So , i’m trying to search new firmware at the flyme website and i’m found this flyme 6 for Meizu M2 Note . This new firmware fix my problem
You can download this new firmware here :
trying to upgrade your phone with manual mode.
Steps :

  1. Download new firmware and put on the internal storage
  2. Open File / Document search “” and click
  3. Don’t choose wipe data , if you didn’t want lost your data and app
  4. Click OK
  5. Wait until upgrade process done

#Make sure your battery is above 25 % to avoid things that are not desirable

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