Meizu MX5 Locked Problem

I have meizu mx5. My little child try lots of password than my phone locked. I know flyme account password but I can not unlocked. Phone is opening normal I can answer any call but not using application etc. Only answering phone. How can I unlocled phone. I can not reset phone.

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@wizz type about 15 times anything (get it 15 times wrong) and you will be asked to enter your Flyme password.

But you have to be logged in with your Flyme Account!

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My child doing that maybe 30 times I don’t know that . I am traying with flyme password but changed. When I write password and “ENTER” than screnn going than returning same page and adding extra key.


@wizz It’s pretty much your only way to get in there, and I will quote an Email Meizu wrote for a guy who had the same on his M2 note.

Dear customer
Thanks for supporting MEIZU.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and have you logined your flyme account in your phone before? If yes, you could try entering the wrong password for more than 15 times, then the phone will require you to enter the FLYME ACCOUNT password, you could enter it and the phone will be unlocked.
If not, we suggest you send your phone to our maintenance center in Chennai to repair, please feel free to ask if you need more information about it.
Have a nice day.

He’s from India, so that’s why Chennai was suggested.

Edit: Ah so your actual problem is that you can’t find the “unlock” button?

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@Ultrametric my phone logged my flyme account. I am writing password and press green “enter” key than phone screen black than adding another key. If have any button “UNLOCK” button I want to know that.


@wizz did you try to push the back button, the get the keyboard out of the way?

Edit: Just tried it at my phone and works, just fine.
I’m on Flyme 5, entered the password 5 times wrong, had to wait 1 minute, repeaded this 2 more times, until I was asked to enter the Flyme password to the account logged in, on the phone. Entered it, and now the phone is unlocked.

Either you can do this, or you have a different problem.

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@Ultrametric Phone asking flyme accunt password I am writing and push the “enter” I I added picture.
when I try I can logging my account. On phone not logging

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@wizz Did you try to remove the keyboard, or get it out of the picutre?

I wont play Flyme 4.5 on the phone, just to test this. Please try to remove the keyboard and see what’s behind it.

Or you have to wait until someone with Flyme 4.5 is online and responds to you.

That’s what I am talking about:

0_1447921490664_S51119-092229.jpg Keyboard in the way.

0_1447921510714_S51119-092231.jpg pressing “back”, keyboard not in the way.

Did you try this?

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@Ultrametric I close the keybord and nothing there [0_1447921936486_VID-20151118-WA0009.mp4](Uploading 41%)
I recorded video.


@wizz Okay, then you have a different problem, could be trouble with the internet or something similar.

I don’t know, someone else has to help you. No need to upload a video, I believe you that there is nothing behind the keyboard if you say so.

@Ultrametric I don’t know my problem I am using wifi and phone internet. Nothing change


@wizz I don’t have a solution for you, sorry.

You could try the basic stuff like restart phone, turn it off for a bit and wait. (Hope that something in your RAM is the cause, that would solve this issue.)… But if you tried this already, I am out of ideas.

Wait until someone else responds.

@Ultrametric I tried that method. Then I want to reset all data but I can only access fastboot menu. Not accessing recovery module. When I plus usb cable to pc not show phone memory.

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@wizz Yeah, you can’t get into the Recovery (Volume UP + Power), when your phone is locked it’s locked.

Applying an Update + Clear Data, would have been an easy workaround :D

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@Ultrametric I think easy way buy not working :smile: I tested to wifi and mobile internet not unlucked. İs there any way to unlucked phone or resetting phone?

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