China Pro 5: 424€ including tax and DHL Shipping.


I don’t get anything for this, it’s not advertisement for a page, just a bargain I stumbled upon.
DIdn’t try the page, but a reviewer did. I am guessing that it’s the usual Chinese re-seller that lies a bit about shipping times.
However the deal is pretty amazing.

Meizu Pro 5 32GB, for 417€ and for 6€ more, you get taxes pre-paid and DHL shipping. Looks very promising.


Picture: 0_1447916030257_flosmall_pro5.png

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Great price. 429,20 eur including shipping and all… Very hard to beat this one.


@boober78 Yeah! But it’s a new shop and I only found one guy making a review, he bought a OnePlus X from there.

So the big question is, how good is the shop behind this amazing offer!

That’s how I found the shop:
A guy called S7yler got a phone from there and made a review.

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That is actually my only concern - the reputation of the seller. But since PayPal payment is available - buyer is protected :)


@boober78 talked a bit with a moderator at if he heard about the store.
Percymama (the mod) brought up the question, on how this new store will handle after-sale service, like if something breaks.

This shop has been open for a long enough time.
Last year when I was buying mx4 pro I place an order there, but they actually didn’t have any stock. Also I noticed that it says the taxes are prepaid, I wouldn’t completely trust them on paying the shipping taxes but last year they had similar message under insurance which basicly said they would refund the cost of vat and duty if it gets charged by customs, so they might be trying to get away with it.
Still I would still recommend them since in my experience they have quite good customer service and also accept PayPal so they wouldn’t be able to get away with the paid taxes promise.


hmm… why its not in marketplace ? =D


@Latstyle Didn’t think about it.
Just wanted to discuss the seller, and see what people know about it.

What can you say about gearbest? Is ıt trustworthy? I consider to buy meizu pro 5 from that site.


@myalcin I got my MX5 from there. Had two paypal disputes so far, all ended to my favor. Yet I will buy again and did buy again.

Gearbest is trustworthy just like all the other Chinese re-sellers. Probably one of the bigger and best.(it’s part of the pandawill group)

In general Chinese re-sellers:
-lie about items in stock, (they always tell you it’s in stock)
-for Meizu phones, they claim to sell the International Phone, what’s bullshit
-they try to make you wait and wait, until the item is finally in stock
-tell you lies, hope that you wait until the item is finally in stock
-in General lie, at every given possibility

and about Gearbest in special:
-they respond very slow, if you need pre-sale support

But other than this, Gearbest is fine to go, just like the other re-sellers.

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Tnx for your fast reply. Actually three weeks ago I ordered it from meizusale they gave me fake tracking no waiting for nothing Last week sent them mail and I warn them either proof of shippment or refund via paypall . Today they refund full of payment.
I want this phone but I dont want to be ceated.


@myalcin yeah meizusale is fake!

That’s not a big reseller :P

Shows that are listed here are usually good: pro 5
There are as always some blacksheeps in like, some ALiexpress shops or tinyteal (that sell broken b-ware), but mostly it’s good.

Some stores don’t have the phone, and just try to make you wait until you can’t open a paypal dispute anymore… sometimes they get lucky.

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Pls advise me where can I buy?


@myalcin if you want to be save ask at those know much more about the re-sellers than I do.
But they hate Meizu for the locked bootloader and Flyme. Yet you can ask. Just join and ask in the chat what re-sellers they recommend and so on, or ask what they think about a specific re-seller.

Where are you from?

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Many thanks I am from Cyprus

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