Possible to replace Flyme system apps with stock android apps?

I’m thinking about the Meizu M2 Note. I like the hardware and design, but not sure about Flyme.

As I understand it, they’ve replaced a lot of the stock android system apps with Flyme versions. Is it possible to install the stock android system apps separately and use those instead? I understand the Flyme stuff will still be there, but could you avoid having to use it?

You can install google apps from the play store and when the action is triggered you can obviously chose a default application (chrome, calendar, hangouts, messager etc). I am not sure about the phone app from google (if it’s available in play store).

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@david you dont have to use flyme apps but theyre installed ( for example flyme notes or the flyme app store… )

so far nobody answered this question correctly, i have the same thoughts with David. I like Flyme, but im thinking of other options


@jehf0331 So what’s still unclear?

As stated above by @boober78 yes, you can install the Default Google Apps. I take that as an correct answer. :D Not all of the apps are available for every device from the Play Store though, but you can just google “Google Dialer Apk” for example to get them. Calendar, music, messaging etc should be available tho.

@david said:

ou avoid having to use it

Hi Samanen, sorry, i guess i posted on the wrong thread and misunderstood the question. i get it now. Thanks. silly me. what i was trying to ask is that, can we use a default android OS instead of FLYME OS? im really sorry, im new to everything. please dont take this wrongly. :)


@jehf0331 The boot-loader is locked so you can not. :P

You are stuck with Flyme on a Meizu.

Thank you so much ultrametric! i had a feeling i cannot but i was just trying my luck. lol

@jehf0331 said:

g. please dont take this w

After you install the google launcher it’s not that bad. Almost there to stock android.


@Kyle-Hall yes and that’s also supposed to fix some bugs of Flyme, like the Apps not giving notifications, though no guarantee on this! Try it out to find it out.

I know that using the google launcher on MIUI, gives you more free memory… as MIUI takes a lot of it. Just like Flyme does, so try it out could be that you get more free RAM from using a different launcher.

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thank you so much for all of your input guys! im learning a lot! this page is awesome!

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@jehf0331 Best answer i can Think of… YES, THIS IS ANDROID YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING YOU WANT WITH IT!!!

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@.KG4 and you can also install super su if you want

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@mx4pro I think that is included in the “EASILY ROOT” part xd

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