New MX4 Pro unable to register to mobile network

I received the new MX4 Pro yesterday, but its not registering to any mobile network. It shows greyed signal sticks with a cross on it.
I tries restarting also ##4636## but in the testing mode. But no luck, still the phone is not working.
The Flyme version is 4.5.7A
I am trying with Airtel Bangalore, India SIM. I also tried with Vodaphone SIM but still the phone isnt working…
Can somebody seen a solution for this

Meizu MX4 Pro

Check Your IMEI if U haven`t -> this is a problem
in other way Your antenna is broken.

Let us know if your Imei is right, if it starts by 1…you have a problem.

And also, did you upgrade the phone?

There is an ongoing war out there with refurbished MX4 Pro sold as new…and your problem looks like it could be related.

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@cesarleeds we have a topic for refurbished phones sold by Aliexpress, please find it and don’t bump old topics.

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