Meizu App Center - Does anyone have the apk file?
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My firmware is international. That means i don’t have the Meizu App center. But if anyone has the apk file of it, i would like it.


Because with the App center of Meizu i can install some paid apps for free, which in Google Play store i will have to pay!!!

p.s. I won’t say which apps public because i don’t want to be erased from Meizu app center.


Be aware that whenever you download from a 3rd party page.

And whenever you install an .apk (Android Application) outside of the google play-store.
You are at super high risk, to get a virus, spam-ware, stuff that steals our private information or just making your phone part of a botnet.

it’s not at all recommended to install *.apk files from webpages.

Just to get a picture, read this:
or google for it.

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Meizu m2 note

@Ultrametric just adding to your message, there is at least one trusted .apk source: APKMirror but **not **for cracked apps. Anyone whom wants to have a paid application, should pay for and download from Play Store *unless *Amazon App Store gives it away for free.

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