Email about camera modes to Meizu
Meizu m2 note

I sent an email yesterday to Meizu about the camera Mode “Night” and “Macro”.

Today they answered me. Here is the email:

Your kind feedback of Macro Mode and night mode will be taken into serious consideration and we will make some improvements in the future.

I really hope they improve the camera!

Meizu MX4 Pro

@kailor what about the modes ? I dont have night mode ? only macro

Meizu m2 note

@mx4pro night mode have dissapeared some firmwares before. But in my new phone meizu m2 note in the latest stable version I (and A) they have removed also the macro mode.

So i wrote them email. Because especially macro mode i was using it almost every day taking photos of insects.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@kailor ok haha :) maybe you can use the manual mode ?

I never really noticed these modes, TBH. However, after doing some short testing, you can get around their removal.
Macro mode simply assists focus by telling the autofocus to focus on close objects. You can get around it by using tap-to-focus on the desired object, or just using manual focus in manual mode.
Night photo mode simply tells the camera it can use longer exposure modes than usual. If auto mode doesn’t expose enough, you can expose manually in manual mode. (Note 1: Some cameras have a composite night photo mode which combines several exposures into one photograph. I doubt a budget phone like the m2 note ever had that. Note 2: Exposures longer than 1 second are not recommended, since it doesn’t take a dark photo to remove hot pixels from the image.)
In either case, third party camera apps can probably provide these features if you’re not comfortable using manual mode.

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