No Sim Card Dettect

Just receive Meizu MX5 Pro,

I try insert simcard and re-boot …
Unfortunately the phone didn’t detect the simcard …

Please help… what can i do for use my new phone…

Thank you.

Have you studied the user manual?


could be that your sim-card is too old. Are you sure it’s working.

And read the Q&A! Fill in the missing information, please take the time to describe your problem better. Link is in my signature.

@shahrooz said:

Have you studied the user manual?

Hahaha… I can read the manual book, coz in Chinese language …

I’M From Indonesia/East Borneo
I Buy the meizu mx5 pro via my friend in travelling to China

I’m used 2 simcard, 1 simcard can used (New one) and 1 simcard is too old, coz more then 10 years I used the simcard … (Telkomsel Halo)

Today i plan to the Telkomsel store for request the new simcard,

Thanks for you advised.


@gudell97 Thanks for the information.

But more detail was meant to be about your phone. Read the Q&A.

What firmware are you on. Are you sure that the phone isn’t broken?


My simcard is too old, I just make a new one, still waiting till this noon

I’m use firmware Beta …

My Phone is oke, just receive a few days ago … (18 Nov 2015)

I love my meizu mx 5 pro, Just Need Covering + Tempered Glass

Case close

After make a new simcard, my meizu mx5 pro is running well using 2 simcard.

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