I found a video on you tube for meizu metal that have plastic back
My mx5 drop down last week and that metal color fall down and now i see gray plastic under that metal color. I was planing to order a pro 5 but if have plastic back like mx5 and meizu metal i will not if have someone expirience with that please tell thanks

Mx5’s back is made out of aluminium,not plastic.
the video is named " Meizu M1 metal " Not mx5 and at the end he burns a case (if that’s what you mean by plastic case) .

I have mx5 it is the same material like meizu metal i will put pictures today it is plastic.

On video is not a case it is the back cover


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As with all phones to get better “2G/3G/4G” signal, the top and bottom are made out of plastic. Just like all uni-metal-body phones have it.
uh and the Meizu metal is not the MX5.
here are some pictures, too:
1_1447839640654_metal_plastic.jpg 0_1447839640653_meizu_metal_plastic.jpg

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I scratched my mx5 little and i see plastic under silver paint yes it is in the at the bottom of the phone under that line what have i upload pictures today

top and bottom part are plastic due to antenna’s placement. if you take a look at the nexus 6p at it’s bottom it has plastic part.

0_1450908125398_image-514c5d135e8d1d11e6390031fc970004929bdb8fcdb61ba61a3a8975a70424b3-V.jpg On this picture i see it is a plastic i want to tell i just bad if fall down on top or bottom of the phone but ussually fall like that :(

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