Uninstall apps while restoring from backup
Meizu m2 note

Guys my new meizu m2 note phone came today.

But i have the problem:

Can’t move/remove apps - it says: Please disable “Auto backup Home Screen under wlan” in App Center before long press an icon.

I want to rearrange the apps that i installed, and remove some of them!
I have already disactivate it (as i have done in MX4 pro) but it show again and again the same message.

What can i do?

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@kailor Adjusted the title.

You are restoring a backup from the flyme cloud, just stop it. go to the flyme account settings.
Or wait until the backup from the Flyme cloud is finished.

Provide more information on what you did.

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Meizu m2 note

@Ultrametric yes i restored from the backup. But it showed that have finished.

I open again “Auto backup Home Screen under wlan” and i will wait to finish.

Then i will try again.

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