Need help..

.Hello everyone … I did update to version 4.5.7 and has been key l erases what they write does not work for me … what can you do? Thanks in advance.

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@zionpc You updated your MX fo Firmware 4.5.7?

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Is this your phone: 0_1447789014573_meizu-mx.jpg

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@Ultrametric i got mx,4 and i didt update
And after that… that key not work
What i can do?


What key are you talking about?

Please use words to describe your problem or provide pictures.


@zionpc Try a different keyboard, from the google play store.

If this doesn’t work, describe your problem better!

Before i did that update that key was work
But now Unable to delete what I write.


@zionpc yes try a different keyboard, and report back.

@Ultrametric i try… and for now is work.
But i want the first keyboard… u can help me?


@zionpc No, not really.

Try to clear data of the keyboard app, if you find it. It’s in settings --> apps.
If that doesn’t work, I have no idea.

@Ultrametric i try it too… and not help :/

Meizu MX4 Pro

@zionpc maybe reboot your phone ? or reflash your Firmware ? toutorial in the FAQ

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