Flyme OS test firmware (MX5)


  • Call mute: When you press the volume key to increase call mute function.

Topic landscaping

  • Font: Added “font trial” feature.


  • Currency Update: ‘conversion’ Update Rates increase shake function.


  • Optimization: “customer service assistant” account increased bottom bar menu.
  • FIX: Part number does not match the bottom bar menu problem.
  • Fix: Even now this code does not match, there is no verification code floating notification function problems Copy.


  • Fixed: Batch delete contacts when flash back problems.
  • Repair: Root, click on Pages Home search bar without any response to the problem.

Notice board

  • Fix: Even now click on the small triangle Wi-Fi switch, the list shows a very slow problem.
  • Fixed: notification bar scan for Bluetooth, you can not scan for Bluetooth problems in settings.


  • Capacity View: Add Click Home phone storage area, you can quickly jump to store information page.


  • Optimization: The default payment method for the first time pay is adjusted to Alipay.

Mobile butler

  • FIX: harassment interception, the long record of the response area by intercepting wrong questions.
  • FIX: View from the status bar to intercept phone, the phone will enter the list of blocked SMS problems.



disappointing update :(
why do i feel like they stopped the developement for mx5 D:
1 week for such small changelog …


@SeaMoose maybe the very few Flyme developers are working on the Pro 5.

It would be so horrible if this is true, the life cycle of the MX5 would be 5 months that way.

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@Ultrametric said:

@SeaMoose maybe the very few Flyme developers are working on the Pro 5.

It would be so horrible if this is true, the life cycle of the MX5 would be 5 months that way.

5 month??? :O


@iskomx5 June was the release date of the mx5

Maybe they working on Marshmallow :tongue:

At version of Flyme OS for PRO 5 included all languages. It is very annoying that not happened the same here.


@argp74 yes, I don’t get the purpose of it. It’s pretty weird.

Can someone tell me which version is the best so far? As it seems as more u update as it gets worse …

I have one question, If i Update to beta version is there update notyfication on phone? Or I need to download 900mb every week from here?


@fuxmen it’s partial upgrades usually somewhere around 50MB. You will get a notification or can check it in the Update App.

But as always it depends of what you do with your phone, if you don’t get it because you rooted the phone and did some … things. You may not get the small OTA but have to either flash a big one yourself or wait for a big one.

Edit: So simply said: if you don’t root your phone and clear data before you go to beta you will get small OTA updates, and be notified.

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Are there any battery life changes with this new update?


@mrobert didn’t notice an improvement compared to last weeks beta.

The Camera Quality is getting so bad for me. near images have very good quality but long Distance objects are horrible. when i compare it with the quality of my m1 note Camera i have to say it’s unbelievable how good it’s on the m1 also long Distance objects. Has anyone an idea what i have to do? i thing it’s no hardware issue because near objects photos are superb.

@Ultrametric How much SOT you get on daily usage and from wake up to sleep time, how much battery is left?
And you use single or dual sim?

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