fm missing

please provide the inbuilt fm application in meizu phones or please suggest the third party fm app that works with meizu phones

When buying this phone, specs tell you there is no FM radio.

You can find/install vwrious Internet radio apps but I doubt you can find a real FM radio to work with. FM radio needs antenna, usualy headphone wires work as antenna. But it requires additional hardware/circuitry that is apparently missing in the phone (if it was built in, Meizu will provide the corresponding FM radio app).

It’s insane. There are a number of topics in this forum about the fm problem. I cannot understand how come so expensive phone does not have a FM radio. Unreal. I bought MX5, while wondering hard about the FM radio. And now I really miss it. Was wondering if I should buy lenovo vibe shot or MX5. And the MX5 is better overall, but the FM radio guys. Someone send MEIZU a message - “Guys install FM radio chip in your future phones!”.


@cenarius Meizu will respond with a simple.
“Shut the fuck up, we don’t care about user opinions!”

So that would help you little

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