Ordered m2 from Amazon in UK, have been sent M571U... will it work here?


I ordered one of these for my mum, I won’t see her for a couple of weeks and I haven’t got a micro SIM card to test it with.

Will this phone (with the 4.5.3U firmware) work with UK carriers? I am not so bothered about flashing the international version of the firmware as I’ve already gone through and removed most of the Chinese apps.

Or will it simply not work with UK phone networks and I have to return it to China? :(



@do_you_realise Sent it back and order it again.

Amazon sells the M571H what’s the international version, but only if it’s sold and shipped by amazon.

The M571U has limited frequencies/bands, while M571H has all there is to have for this phone.

Be careful with amazon, as if it comes from the market place it’s the Chinese phone!
Try to cancel it if you can and get it from amazon directly.

About the warranty, if you have the International M571H, there is a support center in Italy, they will help you and you have warranty.

While on the M571U, M571, … and every letter but the “H” in the end, has no support and no warranty at all! (Outside of China!)

Edit: that’s the phone you want if you order it from amazon:
0_1447757515454_Screenshot from 2015-11-17 11-50-07.png

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Thanks very much. I spoke to Amazon customer services who helped me order a UK version and refunded me the difference. They are really good at this kind of thing.

Unfortunately the original Chinese supplier is being a pain in the arse, I keep setting up a return request and they keep just replying saying I can set it to English and use it as normal. No… that’s not the point!

Just hoping they come round eventually or I’ll be out of pocket for twice the original amount!


@do_you_realise Try to contact Meizy at this Email: mzcs@meizu.com

It’s the after-sale support, they should confirm you that M571U is a Chinese phone and has no support outside of China.
Just in case you need an official state from Meizu for this.

Yeah and Chinese re-sellers are annoying, they don’t give up and hope to take your money to the last minute.

I did it for the MX5 and gearbest, what’s just a normal re-seller. just asked about different models and if gearbest is an offical-agent, so gives warranty outside of China. Meizu replied:

Dear customer,
Thanks for supporting MEIZU.
Please note that Gearbest is not our official agent and we cannot assure the authenticity of the products they sell.
Also, MX5 is not available for international version currently, thus the devices they sell are all Chinese version.
M575M and M575U are both Chinese versions.
We suggest that you wait patiently and pay close attention to our official online store.
Have a nice day.

(Remark: The official online store, doesn’t exist anymore, or it has been moved.)

If the shop gets stupid, ask them directly if they are an official agent for Meizu and allowed to sell the International phone, so that you have support and warranty for it. Either they say, no, or they lie, and you can prove it.

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