Battery consumption of cloud services

Can someone verify if all is good with my phone battery discharge? I don’t find it that bad but I just want you guys to tell me what do you think.

Is it all normal? I have weird thing that sometimes phone drops one percent every 30 mins when I wake it up. Cloud services bother me as they run all the time.

Flyme 4.5.4A




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Thanks but i really need an answer.


@Alabeo yeah just wait a bit :)
One mod noticed something similar, let’s tag him here: @SeaMoose

I mean… Battery lasts whole night just fine… It drops by 1% so…

Still… I’d love if you’d investigate.

every phone has wakelocks,a more useful graph is the battery usage one.
messenger is known for draining battery since it ignores wakelock values ( it goes through despite phone sleeping,just like sms or a call) so it sometimes checks if there are new messages,waking up the device.
about the sync services,try disabling syncing in flyme account settings,or just uninstall them completely.
one weird thing i’ve noticed is that ever since i tested something out for a user ( if alam goes through in super battery saver mode ) both the calendar and clock app waked the phone app like x300 times. super weird and stupid. and the phone not draining battery overnight is because you’re not moving the phone,so the carrier towers stop pinging your phone for signal strength so often,since it’s always at the previous location. while you’re out at school/work you’re moving the phone so different towers ping at different times, using the phone battery more.
tl;dr poor battery optimization from messenger + flyme. is perfectly normal for such heavy customized rom with a lot of useless tiny features. :( sorry if this is lengthy and messy but i really hope i cleared some confusion out.

I have disabled syncing.

One more question. I have upgrade app installed and i have update available to It has 880mb, and I have rooted device. Is it safe?



When you upgrad it will be un-rooted, but the changes you applied right now, may not be fully reverted. So you have a completely untested Flyme running on your phone, where anything could happen.

Best is if you upgrade rooted phones together with clearing the data. (But this depends of what you did to your phone, so you have to judge.)

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Thanks. I must say that so far i love m2. Wish it didnt had that many issues with os.


@Alabeo Oh yeah welcome to the club. Flyme OS is a bummer.

Its not as bad as samsung… Ghhhh i hate sansung’s android…

One more thing.

Why are the app sync settings empty for skype and messegner?0_1447786984734_S51117-200251.jpg

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