Got my Pro 5 yesterday

Hey guys, I bought it and i got my new Pro 5 yesterday. I have a few doubts and annotations just in case you can help me. I have no complains about the phone, but FlymeOS, coming from pure android is kind of strange. I’m still getting used to the back-home button.

I found a bug and its because I installed nova launcher. Everytime I go to home (nova home) and I’m playing music on my headphones, it stops playing and plays the music on the phone speakers, which is kind of annoying.

Other thing I noticed is when I switch between apps by swiping up from the bottom of the screen is that the apps get restarted. Not always, I still don’t know exactly when this happens.

So does anyone knows how to install a ROM or if there is ROMs available with pure Android?


Hi. Congrats on your new phone in the first place. Unfortunately you won’t be able to install any custom ROM at this moment and in the close foreseeable future as there are no ROMs available and recovery cannot be changed either. Does the issue appear on the stock launcher? What ROM version do you have installed at the moment?


allow your music player to run in the background, check out the security center. By default they get cleaned from the RAM after a few minutes.

Read the F.A.Q and the Question & Answer guildeline, and upgrade to the Flyme 5 beta, it makes things a lot smoother.

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I had this same music bug, but mine was with the google now launcher. When I tried nova it worked fine.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@lhayati I had the annoying bug also a few month ago with the now launcher (even had a topic) but because nobody had a solution I in installed now launcher and since now im using the stock flyme launcher :D

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