Can't enable root?

I have login to flyme account and open system privilegs: allow root permission.
But I didn’t get root from any app. So I make factory reset and login with new flyme acc, but still can’t root access. How can I solve that problem. Have any idea, please?
Also phone model is called M571U and I dont know which firmware I should use for upgrading Flyme I or A?
P.S. flyme 4.5.3

@Ecomo what happens when you go back in the root menu after you logged on?

First time, then I created flyme account, it showed that system privileges are enabled. Then I pressed on system privileges they did not require password as it should to be. After that I opened titanium backup app and it show that they cant get root access. As I understand phone is not even rooted but on system privileges you can see that it is.


@Ecomo Read the F.A.Q.! It describes a lot and helps you.

You can’t install the “I” firmware, by a normal system upgrade. So get “A”.

And for the first upgrade, clear all data, as most likely your re-seller messed around with your phone.

Thank You, now is more clearly. I downloaded A version and I will try to update like auto update, because at this time phone is not rooted.
Also it is possible to add languages from international version to china version software?

It is very strange, because I uploaded to mobile phone but then I open documents app and press on the flyme only let me to unzip or look up for that file. Even the icon is .zip not flyme like in F.A.Q. Image attached.0_1447778962974_S51117-182903.jpg


@Ecomo yeah that’s because your re-seller messed with your phone.
Use method 2 from the F.A.Q. install it through the recovery mode: Volume UP + Power
And clear all data!

This you have to do now anyway, if you miss a language check out topic for it in the general section.

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But then i press Volume up + power button, phone makes screenshot…


@Ecomo turn it off, and hold volume-up + power until you see the Meizu logo. Select Upgrade and Clear Data!

You will have to reinstall all apps and the play store. It’s easy. If you get trouble with the play store search for the error message there are topics that explain a solution. solution

I tried to do that but it only boot to orange Chinese logo “…4G…” and only reboots. I think that access to the recovery is blocked.

As I understand root directory is documents -> disk? I put to documents - disk, then finaly I managed to reach recovery and then I press start it says that please put update to root directory.

Please close thread, installed new software, everything is OK.

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