Annoying calendar notifications

Hey there,

i love my Pro 5, but i have a few annoying notifications from calendar (i am using aCalendar+ instead of the stock cal).
How can i disable the notification of the stock calendar app?

Thanks in advance, Marco


@spaxi usually the stock apps have a setting for it, have a look.

@Ultrametric i disabled notification in the settings for Themes and News, but Calendar got no such settings.

I dont want to root, just for removing Calendar.

Is the battery life with a rooted device the same as without root?

Can i root, remove Calendar and unroot again?


@spaxi No, once you rooted the phone only re-update and clearing data will un-root.

Yes you can mess around with system applications, but it will bring side-effects.

Are you sure it doesn’t have it? All the calendar should do is remind you for stuff, and this you can disable. SO check out the option on your Flyme 5 beta.

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