List of system apps that can be removed [Titanium Backup]

Have anyone tried out which builtin apps can be uninstalled?
Some of them seems to be too integrated for removal.

report if you know any that will break something or anything that can be removed.
On latest beta(as of 14.12.2015) I’ve removed 30 out of 120 so far. (Read Ultrametrics disclaimer underneath) :

One or some of these will break the builtin apps, they stops functioning. Don’t know which one yet.

Game center
Lively Haptic theme
Meizu game frame
Mellow Haptic Theme

Phone (This is the dailer)
System Keyboard
Voice Settings

Stuff that breaks phone or apps if removed:

Calendar storage (ruins other calendar apps and maybe alarm and some other stuff)
Android System Webview (Ruins lots of apps, like snapchat and so on)
Gallery (removing this sets phone in bootloop when restarted)
Incall (this is the UI when in calls, as far as i know, there are no replacement apps for this.)
Mz020Service (removing this sets phone in bootloop when restarted)

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We are not responsible for bricked devices,
thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed.
YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at us for messing up your device, we will laugh at you. Hard. A lot.

However, re-flashing a firmware and clearing data, should fix most issues, you created.

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I successfully removed:
email sync
Calendar sync
MeizuMsync(or something like that)
Meizu sync service
and the system runs fine,no issues whatsoever.
latest beta firmware.
note: i am not to be blamed if your device bricks because you deleted the said apps. your device your choices.

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@SeaMoose Does this fix the wakelock issue?

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Nitesh-Reddy I dont know how to check it ? I have just frozen them and it also makes no Problems…

@Nitesh-Reddy seems like it,but I went overboard and removed a bunch of other stuff and the system became unresponsive ( apps wouldnt open anymore ) so i had to do a factory reset. cba removing any apps anymore

I can remove user center? I removed the app store


@Dimitrive Did you encounter problems with the play services, after removing the app store?
The play store and related apps, should trouble you know.

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So far no problem running play store and accessing the google account

Updated list of apps. So others can see the progress. Tell me if you got more that has been removed and doesn’t break anything, or if you know what broke your system or apps.

Meizu MX5

@Dust Removed Camera app. Google camera and Open camera works just fine after that.

@Dust have you noticed anything positive removing these?


@ShadowOfDeth he should not be able to use the laser autofocus, at least not in opencamera.
That’s a drawback from removing the stock camera, not sure if there is an advantage.

@ShadowOfDeth It’s mostly for removing stuff i don’t use, since i don’t speak Chinese (apps in Chinese) and i don’t live in China (maps, weather app and so on).
But there will be less stuff running in background. Also i don’t see a reason why lots of the things need Internet connection, like System keyboard.
So it’s mostly about having less stuff on the phone, that you don’t use and lowering general paranoia :P

@Ultrametric Is there really autofocus then? From what i remember i had to manually focus (selecting the focus area, and let the app fix it on its own, Which still isnt manual :P )

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