M2 sms failed

Hello, i have become a meizu m2.
My problem is that i can’t send a sms or receive. When i click on the message app nothing happens. Can anybody help me?


@alan111 Hello.

Could you please read the Question and Answer Guide, link in my signature. In order to help you we need more information.
Speaking from my experience most people are too lazy to read it, even when pointed out, so today I will copy paste and see how that goes.

Unfortunately very often people just ask questions without giving us too many informations, therefor here a little guideline how to create a useful Q&A topic.
Long and detailed description of your problem
When did it happened?
What were you doing when the problem occured?
Is it a new issue (e.g. after firmware upgrade)?
Firmware version

Ok thanks.
I buy a new meizu m2. New phone, put my card in and i make a test call. No problem. LTE no problem. But sms (text message) not working. I can’t send a message and i can’t receive a message.

Firmware is Flyme
The firmware was on the phone


@alan111 Okay, thanks.

Where did you buy your phone from? Did the re-seller install the google play store for you?

I buy it at geekvida.de
Yes the playstore was installed.


@alan111 it’s a bit overpriced for a Chinese phone, you could have gotten the International one for 30 more including shipping.

Anyway re-update to the latest “A” firmware clear data when you do.

Yeah I have a similar problem with the sms. I had updated my firware from 4.3.1 U to 4.3.2. A.
Basically I can text but I cannot send a new text to a new recepient. When I try to send it just freezes.
I hadnt noticed this before because eveyrone who I text with had texted me first.
I am thinking to reset phone and I assume that wont degrade the firmware version.

Now the sms message is working.
I have do a factory reset.
But know i have a problem to create a flyme account ;-)

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