Locked M2 Note

i tried to open with my flyme password
but its unlocking pls help me what to do?

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@satish2015 Hello, welcome to the forum.

Please read the Question and Answer Guide and fill in the missing information. It’s hard to help you with little information given. To find the Q&A Guide have a look at my signature.

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some kid took my phone n did some thing…now its locked tried to unlock but its not unlocked…


@satish2015 you did not read the Q&A, did you? Please take the time and do so.

I am guessing, as you provided no information.
That you are stuck at the lock-screen. If so, just enter a random code until you are asked to enter your Flyme Password.

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i entered my flyme password but its not opening…says phone is locked
i am stuck @ entering my flyme password


@satish2015 Read the Q&A and finally describe your problem.

I will not ask you more questions, if you want to resolve the problem put in some afford and describe it! you could just have said the same int he first post :(.

According to Meizu, just entering the Flyme password should solve your problem. Could be that the Flyme Servers are down, if so give it some time and try later.

Describe your problem and what exactly is the error you get. Describe what phone you have where you got it from and how you got into this situation.

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And what @Ultrametric says…

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