What 'Spec' Do you love or need from Meizu?

I want to Use “Carl Zeiss Cameras”


@soranerr0r I want a camera app that is optimized for the 21MP camera in the phone :)

And that Flyme Apps work in rotation mode, like rotation the phone will rotate the stock Flyme apps.

<3 this topic it’s a good one :)


but indeed i hate Sony Cameras -_- :D


I simply want a smoothly running and not bugging Flyme rom with an unlocked bootloader and source code.

gimme the possibility to use the bloody device at its fully potential. flyme seemed interesting but after realising it’s just a software performance and memory hog i started disliking it. the experience is still butter smooth but eh.

@AOKP I think we will never see it :(

@SeaMoose I Hope in other versions fix alot of bugs , i hate my phone when i see just 600 MB free RAM availabe -_- …


They have so many Meizu devices out there, it would require an army of skilled software developers to keep it running smooth, bug free and well optimized on all of those.

@AOKP Meizu wants to make Flyme OS Most Popular OS in china or in the world , this why Meizu Made custom roms for Mi4 , Galaxy s4 etc… and they looked bootloader … to stay at Flyme OS & Record More users* thanks…


@soranerr0r ha-ha yeah it’s funny.

It’s a pity that Meizu doesn’t believe in this :D , if Flyme was so great, pretty sure nobody would want to switch, so no need to lock the bootloader.

@Ultrametric hahaha lol you’re right but Meizu challenging with Xiaomi’s MIUI and Huawei’s EMUI…
and i think this is why they locked it :v :D …

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Ultrametric I think flyme acctually could be very good - I like the design and the meizu apps but I hate the many bugs and not improved RAM management and all those not optimized things… but I think if they would work on flyme it could be good


@mx4pro yeah, I like it too.
Flyme 5 makes it better, yet there is a lot to do for the Flyme developers. It would be cool if they start to attack the small things and fix one after another.

One of the beta testers for India, wrote that at India gets their own developers. If they are new to Flyme, they wont be useful for the first six months, but at least there is some progress, and hope for the future :)

Maybe Meizu will hire some more.

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