Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)


  • Floating notice: supports floating inform, to avoid the operation is interrupted.
  • Multitasking: new card multitasking list, long press to lock individual applications.
  • Split-screen mode: Multi-screen mode to create a list of tasks while using two applications, you can adjust the window proportions (only part of the application).
  • Batch finishing icons: Long press the desktop select "sort icon 'batch select the icon to move to a different desktop or folder.
  • Shake finishing the desktop: Go to “arrange icons” mode, shake your desktop tidy Fast Recovery.
  • Folders are automatically named: Create a folder, depending on the application type for the folder name is automatically.

Notice board

  • Optimize the layout: drop-down notification bar without notice Expand all default switch, when there are multiple notifications pull-down notification to view more.
  • Notify management: Settings - Notification and Status Bar - application notification management, support each application switching and priority setting for notification.

Lock screen

  • Music Locker: New music lock screen, lock screen display directly covers and lyrics.
  • Lock screen notifications: Settings - notification and status bar, select whether to display the notification in the lock screen to notify whether the new bright screen.


  • Customer Service Assistant: New customer assistant accounts, support online chat.
  • Floating notice: Supports quick reply message and copy the code in the floating notification
    Smart SMS: Update Smart SMS service menu, more powerful.


  • Floating notice: New calls Floating notice.
  • Dialpad: Suspended dial plate design, support slide switch contacts, call records, the Yellow Pages.
  • Online Yellow Pages: New independent online Yellow Pages, online services, one-touch access.
  • Yellow Correction: Yellow Pages for online identification number, the error correction can take the initiative in the contact details.
  • Number Tags: against harassment calls, support for online marking the contact details.
  • Dialpad switch: to enter the phone - setting, open “dial pad input switching,” in the dialpad click on the lower left corner of the keyboard symbol to switch T9 and full keyboard dialpad dialpad.

Flyme communication

  • Switching numbers: support changing the network telephone number bind.

Set up

  • The new design: for interaction and functional grouping adjustment.
  • Suspension Ball: The sliding gesture Add "button to open the menu 'options.
  • Search: New search function, support for the use of text and voice search settings.
  • Volume Category: Settings - Sound and vibration - volume, the new volume category management.
  • Network Sharing: Settings - Wireless Network, click on the Wi-Fi hotspot to share Wi-Fi network through a two-dimensional code.
  • Preferred networks: Settings - Wireless Network, click on the Wi-Fi hotspots, set the priority for this network connection.
  • Energy management: Optimizing power ranking, classification display hardware power consumption.
  • Default Application: Settings - Application Management - default applications, support for different categories to set the default application.
  • Cleanup Data: Restore factory settings optimized logic, restore the system, the boot will be the default display original binding Flyme account when Shuangqing password will be lifted after the check account binding Flyme.


  • Added “map” APP.
  • Photo navigation: Support 360 degree panoramic display navigation, add custom navigation Categories.
  • Sidebar: support slide in the map from the left edge of the screen sidebar to experience more personalized features.
  • Route Planning: support car, walking, bus route planning and navigation.
  • Subway map: subway lines provide detailed information, including first and last time at each site.


  • Candidate words: new candidate word dropdown, improve the speed choice of words.
  • Transcriber: New full-screen handwriting keyboard input more casual.
  • Symbol Keyboard: New independent symbols keyboard, keypad lock symbol support continuous input symbols and expression.
  • Vibration sense switch: to enter the input settings screen, select whether to open the key vibration.

Mobile butler

  • Rights management: access rights management - setting, open “cutting each other to start the application” switch, wake each behavior tracking applications, a key force off wakeup path.
  • Harassment intercept: harassment interception to a safe center to support blocking unknown numbers and hidden numbers.
  • Garbage clean white list: application cache, redundant installation package, application uninstall remnants supports adding white list, to avoid false cleanup.
  • Regular cleaning: regular cleaning new “scan and clean” option rubbish more peace of mind.
  • Notification bar traffic information: traffic management - setting, the new “Notification bar shows the flow of information” switch.
  • Mobile Acceleration: clean up permanent background, to accelerate the speed of the phone.
  • Rapid examination and a key optimization: no need to wait to enter the interface will be able to know the phone health status, one-click fix all problems.
  • Applications whiten: support the detection cottage application, eliminate safety hazards.


  • New “toolbox” App.
  • Flashlight: Support SOS mode and brightness adjustment third gear.
  • Mirror: Support normal, twist, rotate, mirror effect symmetrical four.
  • Compass: Support orientation and latitude and longitude display.
  • Level: Intuitive view levelness.
  • Measurement scale: Supports cm and inch two scales.
  • Magnifier: supports torch mode can also be used at night.
  • Shortcuts: frequently used tool to add support for the desktop shortcut.


  • Home: Home new design.
  • Window: Window tag optimization show form.
  • Card: Added “micro letter headline” card.
  • Toolbar: new toolbar at the bottom, more intuitive operation.


  • Music Library: Access shrimp music, comprehensive music library rich resources.
  • Contents: Introduction of a single song shrimp, shrimp rankings, selection set, you may also like the daily recommended content.
  • Radio: New offline radio function, WLAN environment to automatically update the music library offline.
  • Song Roaming: For love of singles, a key roam similar songs.
  • Singles Comments: New singles comment feature, data access shrimp music reviews.
  • Artist Collection: Artist Collection features new, easy to find your favorite artists.
  • Members receive: Music opened Thanksgiving activities, membership users can receive free two-month membership services, after the purchase of non-members can also receive a free membership.


  • Video Feed: New video feeds, support update reminders, chase drama easier.
  • Potatoes from Channel: New potatoes from channel content, rich video library.
  • You may also like: Home new “guess you like” module.
  • Intelligent recommendation: Video details page optimization “relevant recommendation” algorithm.
  • Dropzone: In video playback applications support floating window, the perfect realization of “picture in picture”; support suspension / full screen seamlessly switch playback, without cache.


  • Shooting GIF: GIF new shooting mode, easy homemade face pack.
  • Time Watermark: Camera - set new time watermark switch.
  • Voice camera: Camera - setting new voice camera switch.
  • Flash: Flash memory setting status, avoid duplication.
  • Manual mode: increase saturation, contrast and white balance adjustment option.
  • Third party call: Increase manually, beauty, macro mode when the three third-party applications calling camera.
  • Scan code: Cancel camera scan code mode, the new “sweep the” independent APP.

Sweep the

  • Add “sweep the” APP.
  • Scan code: supports two-dimensional code or barcode scanning identification.
  • Cover: supports scanning to identify music album covers, book covers and posters.
  • Local Photos: Support add the local image scanning recognition.


  • Map Mode: Gallery - set, display photos in a map, generate personal and exclusive travel map.
  • Scene Category: Photos - menu - click “classification by content,” according to the picture content intelligent classification.
  • Pictures: Favourites favorite pictures quickly browse in the collection folder.
  • Custom Cover: Press folder covers, replace favorite picture as the cover.
  • Filter Small size: Gallery - setting, the new small-size image filter switch, gallery cleaner.
  • Silent backup: Gallery - setting new silent backup switch.
  • Is hidden: Press the folder displayed directly hide unwanted folders.
  • Photo Week view: two-finger zoom, free to switch month and week views, more convenient management.
    -Photo Editor: Optimize photo editing features, free to adjust the level of the filter and mosaics.
  • Set Wallpaper: Set wallpaper function optimization, support for custom fuzzy level and overlay pattern.

Topic landscaping

  • Font Replacement: support the replacement of system fonts without root and rebooting.
  • Variety lock screen: New Variety lock screen, unlocking is a pleasure.

App Store

  • Best application: the most beautiful application and content collaboration, found a small but beautiful application.
  • Applications Tags: Applications New Applications tab shows details page for easy viewing similar applications.
  • Permissions Show: The new application details page showing detailed permissions entrance, detailed permissions can understand the application before installation.
  • Micro-channel sharing: sharing style micro-channel optimization.


  • Rates search: When Conversion Rates support direct search by country name.
  • Unit operation: When the unit converter supports direct operation.
  • Uppercase conversion: Press the calculated results can be directly converted to uppercase digital.


  • Batch delete: Supports long press batch delete alarm and world clock.
  • Lock screen weather: it removes the lock screen clock weather animation, text display weather information.
  • Time scale: Timer setting to adjust the time scale style.


  • Design: Optimizing directory structure, file classification provides entry.
  • Remote management: new FTP remote management capabilities, the same Wi-Fi environment, no data line management phone files directly on the computer.
  • Hidden folders: Documents - setting, the freedom to choose whether to display hidden folders / directories.
  • Storage space display: Docs display remaining storage space.
  • Display: adjust the length of the file name is displayed, you can view more detailed filenames.

Cloud Storage

  • Capacity View: New cloud disk to use capacity for the function.
  • Search: cloud disk support search.
  • Online Preview: no download, support more document formats and Open Source Online Preview.

Find the phone

  • Loss reporting mode: Added a key report the loss, report the loss will temporarily restore the phone to factory state, seal all private data (images, video, etc.), to ensure that the loss of phone, private data will not be disclosed
  • On-line reminder: When the phone is lost without waiting for the phone line, on the line after reporting the loss as long as the message will immediately notify the owner.
  • Intelligent alerts Alert: When a lost handset without knowing the exact location in the vicinity of the time, intelligent alerts using the Alert feature, the phone automatically sound.
  • Send a message: Find mobile phone service built dialogue channel, even if the missing cell phone SIM card is not inserted, you can still carry on a dialogue with each other.
  • Intelligent Face capture: After reporting the loss will be smart open face capture, Time Lapse mobile phone users do not face.


  • Switching topics: new theme switching capabilities, built-in themes and fonts four different plate.
  • Search notes: Add notes searching for a more convenient.
  • Text Share: Add text form of sharing notes.
  • Graffiti: Graffiti support directly into the drawing board.
  • Automatic numbering: support number automatically created when editing notes.
  • Recording Animation: Animation recording new record is inserted.
  • Desktop plug-in: plug-in supports fast new recordings and photographs, support for displaying the contents of all notes.

User Center

  • New Independent User Center App.
  • User level: New user rating system, to enhance the level to get more privileges.
  • Supplementary Information: Support Extended user details.
  • Integral Center: new integration center to support exchange gifts, earn points, points sweepstakes.
  • Order management: new “My Orders” page, easy to manage account Order.


  • Column Category: Home columns support the classification display, browsing more convenient.
  • Data Fusion: Fusion feed data under the same section, read more peace of mind.
  • Interactive adjustment: Adjust Subscription Center, individual centers, the article details the interaction.


  • Interface: The new weather interface, you can see more content in the home.
  • Share: A long way to share detailed weather information Screenshot.
  • Urban management: direct display of weather information in different cities in urban management interface.
  • Weather warnings: New weather warning function to support and friends to share early warning information.

Domestic services

  • Cinema Movies: online seat selection introduces new movie and the upcoming movie details, the new movie stills View.
  • Travel: New hotels and airfare booking function.


  • Constellation almanac: Support Calendar Home View constellations and almanac information.
  • Event Suspension Ball: New event suspension ball, quick to create a new event.
  • Calendar projection device: New Calendar projections, supports date projections, interval estimation and public Lunar conversion.
  • Interval Display: Click on any date, the number of days in the calendar left corner Quick View.
  • Notification: Permanent cancellation notification bar notification, slide cancel.

Game Center

  • Online content: the game details page to increase the game Raiders, evaluation, information, video, and other content packs.
  • Micro-channel sharing: sharing style micro-channel optimization.


  • Account Settings: Press the mailbox type to add new accounts automatically configure account information.
  • Gestures Zoom: Theme card supports gestures to zoom, browse more relaxed details.
  • Attachment: New Attachment Manager functions, optimizing mail attachment display position.
  • Search: a substantial increase in search speed, highlight keyword.



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@AOKP does anyone try it to another Meizu ?


List of included languages (not showing the 3 Chinese)

Thanks to @lhayati for the screenshots.


@Boy-Cott wtf? No! The drivers for this firmware are made for the Pro 5,

unless you find a phone that is 100% identical looking at the hardware, there is no point to try it on another phone.


Sorry @Boy-Cott, just in case I misunderstood you.Yes, looks like some guys tried it, already.

last edited by Ultrametric

I can 100% vouch for this build, it’s so much smoother and bug free than v4.5. So many new features and ui changes It’s actually made flyme a pleasure to use than an annoyance

@Ultrametric it’s ok… i don’t mind. Thx anyway.

hi ,
how should i upload this to my device?
and which backup app i could use to be able to restore my phone if something goes wrong?

There are two ways to upgrade, either put the on the root directory of your storage then enter the recovery move and start the upgrade from there. Or click on the file from the default flyme file manager and it will give you the option to upgrade (this is kinda neat). My backup app of choice is titanium backup, takes a bit of time to get used to, but it’s very solid

many thx for the help. if you dont mind a few more Qs.
i will loose the waranty?
how to enter recovery mode on meizu?
root needed?
this ROM also “full” of chines apps?
is it safe to root and than uninstall all stock apps? ( if not, could you tell me which ones are important to keep?)
is it not coming through official update because it is beta?

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@snoopyrider Could you please explain yourself better.

i will loose the waranty?

Why would you lose the warranty? Please explain, how you want to achieve this.

how to enter recovery mode on meizu?

Volume UP + Power

root needed?

depends very much of what you want to do

this ROM also “full” of chines apps?

This is Flyme OS, so yes it come with Chinese Apps.

is it safe to root and than uninstall all stock apps? ( if not, could you tell me which ones are important to keep?)
is it not coming through official update because it is beta?

What do you mean with save?

Q: If you are asking "is everything stupid I do reversible, as long I neither touch the stock-recovery nor the boot-loader.
A: Yes it’s save, you can always reverse it by an update and clearing data.

I suggest you to read the F.A.Q., link is in my signature, read all of it carefully.

And be warned the boot loader is locked you do not have to make a back up of your ROM!

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The ROM is buttery smooth and looks very nice. There is one issue though. The Musicc app is causing some wakelocks and it opens by itself. During the night, the phone did not go to deep sleep. Take a look at the screenshot:
I wanted to freeze the app with Titanium Backup, but as that’s a core system app, I don’t know if it’s safe.

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i installed the rom manually, also clean data. Installed google apps, but i can not download anything from play store. ”error retrieving information from server”
anyone has a solution?

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@Ultrametric thx for help.
after root i still can not uninstall apps,is that normal?
Where could i found themes? or they not exist yet?

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