Flyme OS beta available!

The beta version just got released a few hours ago here: (use google translate to translate the page and click from stable version to trial version). Not sure what languages this contains but i’ll install it soon and update you

@lhayati Oh man keep us updated :+1:

Can now confirm that it supports all of the languages previously supported :)

It’s so buttery smooth as well, like had no bugs or hiccups yet. It’s actually fixed a few bugs I had with version 4 (oh and if i’ve helped you out please give rep or whatever it’s called :p)


@lhayati What What What?

Are you sure that it supports all the languages? Did you clear data when you upgraded?

Please share a screenshot of all the languages available. So that I can update it in that link:

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Literally released at 6am this morning, found out by google translating the Chinese forum :p
Yep I cleared data and they were all there. It might even have more than the old version, I cant remember how many were originally included. It supports the 3 Chinese languages and then these:


@lhayati Thank you a lot!

I will open a topic and post em in there, thank you loads.

How’s the camera app? I think there was supposed to be better software and algorithms. Also, is there EP-31 settings in the Music app’s Dirac settings?


@Holdo I can’t say it for the Pro 5, but on the MX5 it’s still not impressive. (For Flyme 5)

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@Holdo since this device is so new to me I havent really had a chance to properly test out the camera before and after the update. But what I can say is the camera UI is a lot more intuitive than more and includes a few new modes like GIF. If you mean the stock music app, I couldnt tell you, uninstalled all of the Chinese apps

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