I can send and receive calls but I cannot get text messages or send them.

I am on Flyme OS 4.5.4l and just got the m2 note and was excited to get to use it. I am upgrading from a iphone4. I have a new sim card so I cannot put it back into the iphone to disable imessage which i am pretty sure is the problem. Even with no sim card in the iphone I was getting messages and so I went into the settings and disabled them and that stopped it but still wouldn’t get texts on the m2 note. Also when I go into the default message app and create a message as soon as i send it it closes to the menu where it displays all the other conversations going on and when I click on the message to type some more words it just closes to the home screen. This also happens when using another app like google’s messenger.

@joeyb80 also i forgot to add that when I go to apple’s website to deactivate it from there I put in my phone number and it sends you a confirmation code but i’m unable to get any text messages.


@joeyb80 imessag work over the internet, see it like WhatsApp, QQ, Viber or Skype.

It has little to do with your simcard.

My guess is that you didn’t allow your apps anything. Go to the security center and double check.

Either you can clear the cache of the apps that trouble you and restart the phone. Or update a firmware and clear data.
If the security settings are good.

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Thought about it, if your problem is:

People sent me “imessages” over normal messages, you have to contact Apple to help you resolve the problem, as it has nothing to do with Meizu or Android.

If that’s not your problem, do what I wrote before :) .

@Ultrametric thanks for taking time to respond. I tried to clear data multiple times and it never worked so i’m guess i’ll just have to contact apple. Thanks again


@joeyb80 Yes please do so.

You could do a factory reset on your iPhone it will delete all data and log you out from your Apple cloud account.

Apple should be smart enough to sent you no messages if you aren’t online, maybe that works.

IMessages are pushed to iPhones both via Mobile Data connection or WIFi, whichever is avaiable.
Apple iMessage servers communicate exclusively with iPhones hence iMessages have nothing with Meizu or any Android phone.

There must be something else, maybe SMSC not properly configured on your Note.

Btw, this is M2 Mini cathegory, there is another cathegory for M2 Note (but many get confused nd post to the wrong cathegory) :)

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