after changing DPI to 380 lock screen not showing no

hello there
i changed the DPI to 380 using adb i am able to use more screen area, more information on pages but when there is an incoming call the no is not showing. pl help to fix this . thanx in advance


@pawanjto just revert what you did.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@pawanjto I also tried to change the dpi and the resolution with the app - did also not work: I got really small icons and it lagged awfully and I had trouble with restoring the original resolution/ ppi how its called… so I had to reflash the Rom…

@mx4pro i changed the dpi with adb commands
adb shell getprop | findstr "density"
to check current DPI and to change command is
adb shell wm density 420 && adb reboot

the only issue i m facing no no showing in caller screen. anyway to change this


@pawanjto Another person had the same problem what you have, when he did the same what you did, but in a different way.

Just re-flash the firmware and clear data.

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i gain changed the DPI to 480 and all ok without reflashing, but i need fix for caller screen because the font is very big by default and there is no meaning of such big fonts.


@pawanjto yes, so you either re-flash the firmware and clear data.
Or wait until somebody else shows up with an better idea.

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