Hi guys, I recently bought Meizu M2 (MINI) with C - firmware preinstalled, after gained all the info from meizufans.eu i performed firmware change to A -firmware by original (right click on update.zip) procedure, then I use one of good explained Russian tutorial: http://verter.org/index.php?route=pavblog/blog&id=18 for final I -firmware migration that i want to stay on.

At the end i got pretty god working system, but two things tend to not work properly SMS & Notes APP is closing when making new message / note, I read in tutorial mentioned above than i should change:
ro.product.locale.language=en > zh
ro.product.locale.region=US > CN

After I did that, notes working perfectly fine and i can easily write SMS (no forced close up), even send them (receivers gave me info that they get my messages). BUT I don’t get incoming SMS MESSAGES AT ALL. My selected language on 4.5.3.I is Polish.

I should mention that on SMS are incoming pertefcly fine.