Some features are still in Chinese and cannot be changed


So my new MX5 with Flyme just arrived to UK, but it has a little (or big) problem. The language setting is English, but some features in it, such as the search bar, the weather forecast, app store, some other apps are in Chinese, and I cannot seem to find a way to change that to English. The internet browser is also set to prioritise Chinese websites. I have tried reinstalling it to the older Flyme, but that issue remains the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Well, that is Meizu, this is already the case since I use FlyMe 3. BTW, the weather app didn’t work for me outside China.

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Do you know if that is subject to change any time soon?


@meizubear Meizu is pretty lazy and actually very stupid. Don’t expect a fast change. (Or at least the Flyme developers in charge have to be.)

Could be that the English gets improved as soon as Flyme 5 for International phones is out, but it wont make it much better.
It’s just badly translated, or not at all translated, as you may have noticed.

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Is it then possible to just install an Android OS instead of Flyme?


@meizubear nope

Either you like Flyme and Meizu or you buy a different phone.

I dont understand why they dont unlock the bootloader.
Cant they see there would be a lot more sales?
I can only imagine my mx5 running cm or any other custom rom.
i like flyme but you like untill u master it, after that its just boring .

@diogodinis no flyme=no data from users.
can easily track demographics,stats and whatnot from everyday users.
also,with the bootloader unlocked there will still have to be developers for roms. there are few roms for the mx4 ubuntu but still buggy.
one can only hope one day we’ll be able to unlock the bootloader and install CM or something.

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