[Q] Is Meizu MX4 Pro has "Screen Mirroring"

Hey Friends,
i want to display my mobile screen on tv via cable , i see meizu has wireless display but i want via cable. Thanks for answering…


@soranerr0r what port would you like to use for this? Where would you like to connect a cable to?

It only has the headphone jack and a USB-Port.

The only possible way I can think of is if you store a movie on the phone, and got a smart TV or something like this, that accesses the storage of your phone to play a movie.

Try to google for MHL, maybe that helps you.

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Via HDMI or USB , and I don’t have smart tv . Thanks for Answering…

it doesnt support mhl.Only option is chromecast or similar wireless solution

@Dysync ok thanks bro for answering…

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